Financial protection against severe illness

Discovery's Severe Illness Benefit protects you from the financial impact of a critical illness by paying you a lump sum. Additionally, it now offers you automatic cover against the impact of COVID-19, a market first.

The Severe Illness Benefit is available when you get life insurance from Discovery. It pays out a lump sum in the case of certain severe illnesses. This money can be used to provide for needs such as modifying your lifestyle and your home or to cover the cost of a care-giver.

Our Severe Illness Benefit will automatically cover multi-organ complications associated with COVID-19 through the new Multi-organ Benefit, a market-first enhancement to severe illness cover.

Reasons to consider Discovery's Severe Illness Benefit

In recognition of the significant cancer coverage across the full spectrum of severities as well as coverage for the remission of a cancer, the LifeTime Max 200% Severe Illness Benefit was awarded the best dread disease product in the market for cancer cover by the Independent Clinical Oncology Network.

Claim more than once

Our Severe Illness Benefit includes the most extensive multiple claims facility in the market. This allows you to claim multiple times*, with the ability to receive more than your original sum assured.

* subject to the terms and conditions for your specific benefit version and plan type.

Children and parents receive automatic cover

We recognise that a family member's severe illness may have a financial impact on you. We offer additional severe illness cover for your children and parents at no extra cost.

Comprehensive cover for early cancers

The Early Cancer Benefit provides you with up to R160 000 for an extensive list of early cancers.

Access to the best treatment in the world

With the Global Treatment Benefit you can get up to 180% of your insured amount if you choose to have your treatment performed at an international facility.

A market first for multi-organ failure protection

Introducing a market-first, the Multi-organ Benefit. Protect your family against impact of COVID-19 with the enhanced Severe Illness Benefit which automatically covers multi-organ complications associated with COVID-19.

Other unique benefit options

LifeTime Benefit

The LifeTime Benefit considers the long-term impact that a severe illness is expected to have on your lifestyle, allowing the number of dependants at the time of claim to determine the claim amount.

Cancer Relapse Benefit

With the Cancer Relapse Benefit you can receive a further payment of up to 100% of your insured amount on the recurrence of a cancer after a one-year remission period. This benefit is automatically included with the LifeTime Benefit.

Female Benefit

The Female Benefit provides cover for specified severe illnesses affecting women, including cancer and complications of pregnancy.

Childbirth Benefit

The Childbirth Benefit covers multiple births as well as congenital birth defects.

Family Trauma Benefit

The Family Trauma Benefit covers your family for specified accidental injuries, including burns and comas, as well as medical emergencies requiring resuscitation or ICU stay.

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