Vitality top 10 leaderboard performers

Join the Team Vitality running and cycling communities on Strava for FREE to compete with your fellow athletes for a top spot on the Vitality leaderboard. The top 10 athletes in each category will feature on our website, so don't miss out!


Are you a top performer?

We know the journey is the reward, but getting out on top feels pretty amazing, too!

Crush the Vitality leaderboard

All Vitality runners and cyclists can compete for a spot on the Vitality leaderboards by tracking their activity on Strava. Each month, we'll send you a personal email with your position on the leaderboard PLUS tips and tricks to perform even better. The top 10 athletes in each category for running and cycling will be announced on our website every month. Check back here at the end of the month to see who is in the lead!

Last updated April 2022.

Ready to be on our leaderboard?

All Vitality Health (including Purple) and Vitality Active members are eligible to be featured on the Vitality leaderboard, simply follow these steps:

  1. Link your Strava account to the Discovery Vitality app
  2. Join the Team Vitality Running and/or Team Vitality Cycling communities on Strava

Remember to have your account set on public so we can see your incredible Strava journey!

Our Vitality quarterly awards and prizes have come to an end. Keep running and riding your way to the top of the Vitality leaderboard, because we'll still send you leaderboard emails showcasing the top performers. Plus, tips and tricks to help you achieve your personal best.

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