Exercise and get rewarded anywhere, anytime with Vitality and Octiv


Discovery Vitality is excited to announce yet another way for our members to stay active at home and get rewarded. Vitality members can now book workouts through Octiv and earn 50 points for online workouts and 100 points for in-person workout classes.

Discovery Vitality members now have another way to exercise at home and get rewarded. Say hello to Octiv, an online gym management platform that gives you access to boutique fitness facilities across South Africa.

Change the way you exercise and get rewarded with Octiv

You can now book an online or physical exercise class at fitness facilities across South Africa through the Octiv platform.

Love CrossFit? You can do it on Octiv. Need more yoga in your life? Yip, it's there as well. Plus, get access to cardio boxing, Pilates, home workout videos, the support of a community of friends and coaches, and so much more, all on one platform. You can also track your workouts and performance, so you can see how you improve every day.

And the best part? You can earn Vitality fitness points for both online and physical workouts when you book a class at a Vitality-linked gym via the Octiv platform.

How to earn Vitality fitness points with Octiv

You can earn 50 Vitality points a day when you complete an online workout or 100 Vitality points a day for attending a class in person. Each workout must be 30 minutes or longer for you to earn points. Make sure the fitness facility is linked to Vitality so you can earn points for your workouts every day. For in-person classes, you will need to use a QR code to sign in before your workout and sign out after your workout to qualify for your Vitality points.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign up at our fitness facility of your choice by visiting the facility or the facility's website.
  2. You will then be given login details for the Octiv app.
  3. Download the Octiv app and login with your new details and link your account to Vitality.

Do you have a fitness facility you love but isn't on our list? Send us their details on vitalityinfo@discovery.co.za.

How to link your Octiv account to Vitality

Once you've signed up for Octiv, link your account to Vitality to start earning fitness points for your online or in-person workouts. Here's how:

  1. Once you have logged into the Octiv app, you will see a link on the main menu to link Vitality.
  2. Add your details and give consent for sharing your data with Vitality.
  3. Once you've linked your account to Vitality, you can start choosing from fitness facilities, as long as they're linked to Vitality.
  4. You will automatically start earning Vitality points for completed qualifying workouts!

Get fit and healthy in 2021 with Vitality and Octiv

Joining Octiv is a great way to earn Vitality points and to achieve your exercise goals on Vitality Active Rewards. But remember, Octiv can only track your workout and performance. To earn Vitality points for getting your heart rate up during a workout, you need to use a Vitality approved fitness device.

Stay safe. Stay active. Stay rewarded.

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