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Get up to 25% cash back on your healthier meal choices when dining in or dining out, and 50% cash back on Vitality kids' healthy meals!

Following on the success of Vitality’s HealthyFood benefit, Vitality now offers HealthyDining to reward you even more for making healthier choices. The benefit aims to change the way you eat when you’re not cooking at home, by offering you incentives for choosing healthier meals when you dine in or dine out.

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Why the HealthyDining benefit?

These days, more people rely on convenience meals and fast foods instead of home-cooked meals. To prevent the negative health effects of choosing unhealthy meals when eating out, Vitality has partnered with five popular restaurant chains and Uber Eats. Through these partnerships, we want to encourage members to choose healthier meals even when eating out or ordering in. We do this by offering rewards for choosing healthier menu options. In the process, we're also educating members and their children on healthy eating, even when they are dining out.

How does the HealthyDining benefit work?

Following the success of Vitality's HealthyFood benefit, Vitality now offers HealthyDining to reward you even further when making healthier choices. With the HealthyDining benefit, you can get up to 25% cash back by making healthy choices and up to 50% cash back for children when ordering in or dining out at selected restaurant partners. Keep a look out for the Vitality HealthyDining indicator on all qualifying menu items across all restaurant partners.

How do I activate HealthyDining?

Firstly, you need to ensure you have the Discovery App. When the HealthyDining benefit is opened in-app for the first time, you will need to follow these 3 easy steps:

  • Watch the HealthyDining introduction tutorial
  • Fill in your details and indicate your preferred cash back account details
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions.

After successfully completing these steps you would have activated the HealthyDining benefit and can navigate to find further information.

How do I link my Uber Eats account to my HealthyDining benefit?

Once you have activated the HealthyDining benefit, you can navigate to the "Link Uber Eats" tab on the Discovery app, where you will be provided with an Uber Eats promo code. You will then insert this promo code into the Uber Eats app under the promo code section to link your Discovery app to the Uber Eats app and the linking process should be complete.

What qualifies as a Vitality healthy meal?

The selection criteria for foods included are currently based on internationally accepted dietary guidelines. The HealthyDining catalogue covers all qualifying healthy meals and can be accessed online at a later stage. Qualifying meals have therefore been selected as follows:

  • To encourage members to eat more vegetables, we have included qualifying salads per restaurant partner, even with dressing, as long as they do not contain processed meats or too many salty ingredients. Examples of processed meats are bacon, ham, and sausages such as salami and chorizo, among others.
  • Vegetables are healthy as long as they are prepared in a healthy way and do not include large amounts of added fat or salt.
  • Alternatives to regular pasta, for example zucchetti or wholewheat pasta are healthy if served with a tomato-based sauce and without processed meat.
  • Grilled fish, seafood or chicken is healthy as long as the side dish is vegetable-based and prepared in a healthy way, for example roasted or stir-fried vegetables or a salad. No chips.
  • Starches such as brown rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, rye bread, seed loaves and wholewheat wraps are healthy options.
  • Wholegrain starches such as brown rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, rye bread, seed loaves and wholewheat wraps are healthy options.
  • We have selected pizza as a healthy meal if:
    • The base is small and the pizza is served with a salad.
    • The base is unrefined and the toppings do not include extra cheese or processed meat.
  • Burgers are heathy if you have them without a bun or on a wholewheat bun, and if they are plain or include only healthy extras such as avocado. With processed meat and extra cheese added, they are no longer healthy.
  • We haven’t included options that allow for own combinations as healthy meals, for example where you can build your own salad or pizza. This is because there are too many possible combinations and options to include unhealthy items.

Are healthy desserts and drinks part of the benefit?

Water remains the healthiest choice for staying hydrated, so we have not included other beverages in the HealthyDining benefit. There may be some healthy desserts such as fruit salad or baked fruit on the menus, but most desserts are high in sugar and energy. For this reason, we have excluded all dessert options from the benefit.

What about healthy meals for children?

  • We have selected grilled, baked or scrambled meals, and not battered, crumbed and deep-fried options.
  • Side options include vegetables and salads, but not chips, as they are prepared in an unhealthy way.
  • We have included refined grains such as regular pasta, wraps, brown bread and rice as healthy meals for children if served with a healthy filling or sauce and in moderate portions.
    (Encouraging children to make small behavioural changes can improve the overall nutritional quality of their meals when eating out. We understand that in reality it is sometimes difficult to convince children to go for the healthiest options, and we want to meet members on that level. We believe this is a more effective approach to encouraging healthier eating, and we will continue to work with restaurants to improve the variety and health of children’s menus.)
  • We have excluded processed meats (sausages, ham, bacon, salami, chorizo, etc.)..
  • As it is important to encourage children to drink plain water when they are thirsty, we have not included any beverages.

Is Sushi an option?

We have excluded sushi options that contain mayonnaise, or are deep-fried or battered. These additions, such as mayonnaise, sometimes include highly processed ingredients, and deep-fried and battered options are unhealthy preparation methods.

Are combo meals part of HealthyDining?

When ordering combo meals, the main meal item as well as each side item selected must be healthy to qualify for cash back. If, for example, the main item is healthy, but all or some of the side orders are not, or the side orders are healthy but the main item is not, then the entire combo meal will not qualify for cash back.

Is there a penalty for ordering unhealthy menu items?

No, the HealthyDining benefit only rewards healthy choices; it does not penalise unhealthy choices. We award cash back for the healthy meals ordered, and we do not deduct from your cash-back amount if you have ordered a meal (or even dessert r beverage) that is not healthy.

Are the same menu items available through Uber Eats and when eating out the partner restaurants?

No. The restaurants select only those menu items that retain their quality and taste when being prepared in the restaurant and then transported by Uber Eats to your destination. Some healthy menu items that are available in restaurants are not available for ordering through Uber Eats.

Do I get Vitality points for ordering healthy meals?

No, we do not award Vitality points for healthy meals; we give you cash back. The best way to maximise your cash back is by doing your Vitality Health Check. The points you will obtain by doing your Vitality Healthy Check will increase the percentage cash back you can get for HealthyDining. This applies not only to the Principal member, but for all dependents on the Vitality policy.

How long will it take to get my cash back?

We aim to process bills and till slips within 24 hours after receiving a successful submission. We will pay your cash back according to your monthly cycle for your Vitality cash back.

What happens if my cash back amount is over the monthly limit?

You will receive cash back up to your monthly cash back limit. Amounts over the limit fall away.

To which account does my cash back get paid into?

Your HealthyDining cash back will be paid into the account we have on record for your cash back. If you have not specified an account, you can give us the details of your preferred bank account, or change your banking details, on the Discovery app.

If I visit a HealthyDining partner restaurant several times in a day, do I get cash back each time?

Cash back will only be allocated for the first HealthyDining qualifying meal purchased per day.

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