Exercise anywhere with Vitality and Itensity

Itensity is a platform that powers well known gyms and other fitness facilities in South Africa. Whether it's functional exercise, gyms, boxing, yoga, pilates and more. Itensity has the fitness facility for you. Some facilities also offer online workouts.

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How to get started

Join your favourite facility and set up your account to earn Vitality points when you Exercise anywhere with Vitality.

  1. 1. Find your gym in the list of Itensity facilities and visit the facility to register,
  2. 2. Give consent to share your data with Vitality. To do this, you can:

Visit the Itensity
consent website page

Scan this QR code

Ask for the consent QR code from the receptionist
at your fitness facility to scan

  1. 3. Your facility will provide you with a username and you can use your ID number as your password.

Note: When signing up at your facility, you may be asked for your Vitality membership number as well. You can find this on your Discovery app when you tap on Vitality Health in your portfolio page and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.


Own a fitness facility? Join the Exercise anywhere with Vitality family!

If you own a fitness facility and want Vitality members to be able to earn Vitality points for their workouts at your facility, email sales@itensityonline.com and vitalityanywhere@discovery.co.za with the following details of your facility:

  1. Name of facility
  2. Category of facility
  3. Number of facilities and associated addresses
  4. Pictures of your facility

What you need to know

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