Discovery Vitality members now have another way to exercise at home and get rewarded. Say hello to Octiv, an online gym management platform that gives you access to boutique fitness facilities across South Africa, ranging from CrossFit to Yoga and cardio boxing. Vitality members will now be able to earn points for both online and in-class workouts via the Octiv app.

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With a range of different gyms to choose from, you can now earn Vitality points for a variety of workout categories.

Find out here if your gym is currently registered with Octiv

Sign up to the gym of your choice (in person or on their website)

You will receive an email from Octiv and the studio with your login details.

Download and login to the Octiv app and book your classes!

What you need to know

If your gym of choice is registered on Octiv, you will need to sign up with them in person or on their website. Octiv will receive your details from the facility and send you an email with your login details. You will need to download the Octiv app and sign in with your new details. You are now able to book for classes available at the facility.

You'll earn 50 Vitality points a day for completing a class of at least 30+ consecutive minutes on the Octiv online platform. In order to qualify for points for online classes, the class trainer or coach must register that you attended, after the class is finished. If you are not marked as attended, you will not earn Vitality fitness points for that class. You can check if you have been marked as attended by the coach, on the Octiv app.

Should you complete a workout at your fitness facility, you will receive 100 points for completing a workout for 30 minutes or more. You will only be entitled to these points upon checking in and checking out of Octiv app with your QR code. This code will be displayed at the entrance and exit of your facility. Please note that the QR codes are updated hourly. You will have to check out immediately upon exiting the facility to qualify for points.

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The facility should contact Octiv on sales@octivfitness.com and a sales consultant will contact the facility to complete the contractual agreement with Octiv. The facility will then select the Opt-in to join the Vitality Octiv benefit on the Octiv App.

Octiv will then inform the facility to email vitalityanywhere@discovery.co.za with their supporting documents and information requirements for joining the Vitality Octiv benefit. Octiv will send Vitality Anywhere the new facility details and their inception date for joining Octiv.

Once the facility is vetted by Vitality Anywhere, the facility and Octiv will be notified if they have been approved, declined or pending approval due to outstanding supporting documents. If the facility is approved to join the Vitality Octiv benefit, the facility details will be added to the Vitality Octiv Network list.

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