A new year is upon us, and while we all start to make resolutions and changes in our lives, Vitality is ready to help you run further, jump higher and ultimately live a healthier life next year.

Here’s what you can look forward to in 2020:

Discovery Miles is our one rewards currency that you can earn for getting healthy, driving well and spending responsibly, and then spend them at any of our exciting new in-store and online partners.
Earn instant Discovery Miles every time you reach your Vitality Active Rewards goals, PLUS plays on the gameboard to earn even more Discovery Miles
Introducing Vitality Active Rewards for Kids and Teens. Parents can access Vitality Active Rewards for their kids; and Teens now get access to their own Vitality Active Rewards profile.
We’re launching a new mental wellbeing programme designed to encourage regular mental wellbeing screenings, recommend appropriate interventions and reward you for reaching goals.


  • Here are your Vitality rates for next year
  • From being able to get to Diamond Vitality status in a single year to earning points for doing mental wellbeing assessments, find out all you need to know about Vitality points in 2020.
  • Great news! You can now link your Pick n Pay Smart Shopper card to your HealthyFood benefit in order to maximise your HealthyFood rewards.
  • The healthier you live, the more points you earn. And as you get healthier you get to enjoy rewards that help keep you motivated to live healthily. Find out more about earning Vitality points fairly.

The Vitality status you earn in 2019 will be carried over in 2020 so that you can continue to enjoy all your rewards and benefits. At the start of 2020 your points will reset to zero in order to encourage and motivate you to get healthier throughout the year.

Congratulations on making 2019 a year focused on rewarding your health.


Get healthy. Get rewarded. Get Vitality.

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