Earn up to 100 Vitality points for your rebound workouts with bounti. Plus, Vitality members get exclusive discounts on selected online workout programmes and bounti hardware to get started.

Rebound exercise combines jumping on a rebounder (mini trampoline) with other forms of strength and conditioning moves to create fun, effective group, or individual workouts. bounti is mobile, interactive, and accessible for all. It's for kids, or the elderly and suitable for beginners, or experienced rebounders.

Why rebounding?

Rebounding can help you lose weight, strengthen your heart and cardiovascular fitness and reduce your risk of chronic conditions. This fun exercise will lower blood pressure, boost your self-confidence, and improve your sleep cycles. Plus, its easy on the joints so Vitality 65+ members can try it too!

That's not all! As a Vitality member, you have exclusive access to an upfront 30% discount on selected online programmes and 15% discount on selected hardware in bounti's wide selection of rebounders on the bounti website.

How it works

How to get started

Follow these steps to jumpstart your health journey with bounti

Bounti is a Vitality-linked fitness facility on the Octiv platform, allowing Vitality members across South Africa to earn Vitality points exercising in the way they love most.

Make sure you access bounti through Octiv to earn 50 Vitality points a day for an online bounti workout and 100 Vitality points a day for attending a class in person for 30 minutes or longer.

  1. Buy a bounti workout programme on the bounti website.
  2. Wait for your email from Octiv and bounti with your login details.
  3. Download and log in to the Octiv app.
  4. Link your Vitality membership.
  5. Find bounti on Octiv and use your bounti credits to book your classes.

More about bounti

Learn more about bounti and all things rebounding from Lisa Raleigh herself

What you need to get started on your Bounti Journey:

How to use the bounti downloads:

Rebounders and the differences:

Which Rebounder is Right for You:

Which T-bars are right for you:

Rebound Anywhere Anytime:

What you need to know

Purchase a bounti workout programme on the bounti website. To track your bounti workouts and earn Vitality points, bounti will share the details of the programmes you have signed up for with Octiv. You will then receive an email with your Octiv login details. You will need to download the Octiv app and sign in with your new details. After logging in, Link your Vitality membership to Octiv, find bounti in the Octiv app where your class credits will be loaded and you're ready to start!

  • Earn 100 Vitality points for in studio bounti class workouts for 30 minutes or more. You must check in and check out of the Octiv app with your QR code, which will be displayed at the facility entrance and exit. The QR code is updated hourly and you'll have to check out as soon as you leave the facility to qualify for points.
  • Earn 50 Vitality points for completing an online bounti class of at least 30 minutes. The class trainer or coach must confirm that you completed the class. You can check if you've been marked as attending on your Octiv app.

Follow these steps to redeem your bounti Vitality member discount:

  1. Visit the bounti website and choose what you'd like to shop for; rebounders, accessories and programmes.
  2. Once you've selected your product, you will be prompted to verify your Vitality policy number to generate your discount code. Copy the code once its generated.
  3. Go to the checkout page and fill in the required details, including your discount code to apply the discount before making payment.

Note: The discounts on hardware and programmes are not stackable. You will need to purchase hardware in one transaction and programmes in another transaction to be able to apply the applicable discounts.

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