Tiarra Chetty, 25, lives her best life with Vitality


Tiarra Tasle' Chetty, a civil engineer from Durban, joined Vitality during the national lockdown in 2020.

Here's what Tiarra had to share about her Vitality journey:

"I joined Discovery Vitality in July 2020. The programme offered me the most rewards and benefits for living the life I've always wanted," she says.

How has she enjoyed the programme? "I absolutely love it! I have not come across another programme more invested in my health and making sure I enjoy staying healthy," says Tiarra.

"If there are two things I'm passionate about... it is running and travel. Vitality is currently funding both of these passions. By meeting my health goals every week, Vitality pays for my Apple Watch and running apparel and running shoes," she says.

About those rewards and savings

"The thought of a holiday alone can often leave you feeling bankrupt. With Vitality Health and Vitality Money from Discovery Bank, I've received discounted prices on flight fares, car hire and accommodation at some of the country's top-rated hotels. Traveling has never been easier and more affordable. I am patiently waiting for the new normal to kick in so I can start using the Vitality programme's international benefits," says Tiarra. "At this point, it feels like Vitality is funding my best life".

What about the financial benefits? "Vitality Health has enabled me to save money on gym fees, groceries and personal care items on a monthly basis and joining Vitality Money has boosted those savings. Vitality Money not only allows me to only use my Discovery Miles at a range stores, with additional discounts, but also allows me to convert my Discovery Miles into cash. It means that living a healthy life is much more affordable for me as a young person," she says.

But most importantly, how has her health improved?

"Discovery has improved my health, both physically and mentally. Vitality has enabled me to take a proactive approach in understanding my health by providing assessments and rewarding me for completing them. I am now more aware and informed of factors that affect my health and how I can control them. I've never been more determined to stay healthy and keep fit," she says.

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