Vitality Active Rewards 2.0 – what’s new in Q1 2019?


Coming in the first quarter of 2019: Vitality health goals – a new, personalised way to get rewarded for managing your health

Vitality Active Rewards encourages and rewards you for getting active and driving well. Plus, you can now get rewarded for managing your health. Every time you achieve your weekly exercise and drive goals, you’ll earn plays on the gameboard to reveal reward points and diamonds that you can spend on a range of exciting rewards from coffees and smoothies to shopping rewards and dream holidays.

Vitality Active Rewards now includes Vitality health goals – in-app health management with personalised nutrition, preventative screening, weight management and medicine tracking.

What are Vitality health goals?

Next year, you will see a new section below the Vitality Active Rewards rings on your Discovery app that allows you to earn more Vitality reward points as you achieve your personalised health goals. The new Vitality health goals include:

  • Health checks
  • HealthyFood
  • Weight management
  • Medicine tracker

How does it work?

Based on your unique health profile, we will recommend personalised goals to help you manage your health. When you reach your new goals, you will earn Vitality reward points. Here’s a breakdown of each health goal and the amount of points you can earn:

Health check

To get rewarded for managing your health, you can complete the relevant health checks based on your age, gender and health profile. These tests will depend on your personal health status. You can earn up to 25 Vitality reward points for each health check that you complete.


The HealthyFood feature tracks your shopping at Pick n Pay and Woolworths, tells you how healthy your food choices are and rewards you for improving and maintaining a healthy shopping basket. You can earn 10 Vitality reward points a month when you eat healthily and achieve your personalised monthly HealthyFood goals.

Weight management

Weight management is available to members who are overweight or have elevated health risks. Track your weight and maintain your personalised monthly weight goals to stay healthy and get rewarded.

  • Self-report your weight to earn five Vitality reward points a week.
  • Verify your weight through the Vitality Wellness Network to earn 25 Vitality reward points a month.
  • Achieve or maintain your goal weight to earn up to 100 Vitality reward points.

Medicine tracker

With the medicine tracker, members diagnosed with diabetes or cardiovascular disease will get rewarded for taking chronic medicine as prescribed. This tracker is only for medication directly related to these two conditions. Earn Vitality reward points when you track and achieve 85% adherence to each medicine – in other words, for following your doctor’s orders correctly. Collect your monthly chronic medication to earn 15 Vitality reward points a month.

With these exciting new features, you can earn even more rewards for getting active, driving well and managing your health.

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