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We want to give you access to the best possible medical care. Specialists sometimes want to talk to their colleagues about your treatment and sometimes your treating doctor may want to work with global experts in their field of medicine, especially if you have a complex condition and the treatment is new or complicated. We give you and your treating doctor the option to get a second opinion from Cleveland Clinic, one of the most well-known and respected medical centres in the world.


The MyConsult programme gives a second opinion on the diagnosis and treatment of 1 200 conditions. It’s an online service that allows a Cleveland Clinic specialist physician who specialises in your condition to examine all your information and give you and your treating doctor a second opinion.

The report will include:

  • A review of the diagnosis (and an updated diagnosis, if applicable)
  • Answers to all of your submitted questions
  • A review of treatment options and alternatives
  • Information regarding clinical trials (if available).

This value-added service is available for members on all Discovery Health Medical Scheme plans. We pay for 50% of the cost of the service, so it does not affect your day-to-day benefits.

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