Discovery Insure, keeping you safe – and rewarded – during COVID-19


With the country placed under strict stay-at-home rules in an effort to flatten the infection rate curve of the new global pandemic, COVID-19, can you still earn rewards with Discovery Insure? The good news – You will still be able to earn Vitality Drive Rewards.

How will Vitality Drive Programme Rewards work during COVID-19?

1. Earn fuel cashback

While driving frequency may be reduced during the foreseeable future, you can still earn fuel cashback rewards, even if you do not fill up your vehicle’s petrol tanks.

Since our clients will not be permitted to drive as frequently or have a need to fill up with fuel as often, the normal formula disallows much cash back to be earned. For the month of April, Discovery Insure will be calculating fuel cash back according the higher end of your actual fuel spend, and determining each client’s average spend during the months of January, February and March. In this way, we can ensure that even though fuel spend and driving is reduced during the stay-at-home period, your cashback can still be earned

2. Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual Multipoint checks

Normally, a fuel cashback percentage is boosted when a client completes their Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check. A total of 150 Vitality Drive points are also earned in a 12-month period. If your check expires during the lockdown period and you cannot get to a store due to the current stay-at-home circumstances, we’ve arranged a 30-day grace period.

Once these strict stay-at-home measures have been lifted, you will be able to complete your check and earn your Vitality Drive points and fuel cash back as per normal. In the meantime, Discovery Insure have arranged to lock in your points and rewards until such time as you are able to complete your check.

3. Behind closed doors – Not behind the wheel

As of Saturday, 28 March 2020 the following will apply during the stay-at-home protocol:


If you do not drive at all during each week of the stay-at-home period…

If you drive less than 100 kilometres during a weekly period…

If you drive more than 100 kilometres during a weekly period…

An Active Reward will be earned provided that at least one goal has been completed in the last 3 months – either during the month of December 2019, January or February 2020.


Newly joined clients within the past 3 months can also receive a weekly reward, even if none have been earned during that period as yet.

An Active Reward will be earned if all kilometres have been driven event-free.


The normal criteria applies – An Active Reward will be earned if at least 100 consecutive kilometres are clocked completely event-free.

Things to note:

  • Weekly Active Rewards will be run from Saturday through to the following Friday.
  • Those with the Vitality Drive Sensor will need to ensure event-free driving to earn a 4 or 5-star trip.
  • Those with a standalone DQ-Track device will need to ensure that all trips are free of harsh acceleration, braking, cornering or speeding in order to be considered event-free.
  • Push notifications, notifying you of reward receipt, will still be received via the app and the Drive Active Rewards ring will still be filled (although not close completely at the end of the week) as normal for event-free kilometres, even if less than 100 are completed.
  • A total of 100 Discovery Miles will still reflect after each Vitality Drive goal is completed – A play on the gameboard will also remain available for you to earn more Discovery Miles.

4. Car repairs and the car hire extender

With the closure of non-essential businesses, any vehicle repairs that may be needed will likely experience some delays. If you require a hire car, our partner Avis will allow for these vehicles to be kept and used during this period without any negative impact on the existing car hire benefit.

The number of car hire benefit days within the stay-at-home period will be paused. Once things return to normal, the remaining number of valid days will come into effect once again.

What about Discovery Insure services?

  • Discovery Insure will remain open during this containment period as we do qualify as an essential service, and so will be able to continue providing you with some assistance as needed.
  • Our servicing channels are active even though many of our staff are currently working from home.
  • Our online channels, email and 24-hour emergency services call centre are well set to provide you with the quality of service you expect, at this time, as you would at all times.

We urge you to make use of these preferred channels so that we can ensure to provide you with the assistance you require.

“Essential car and home insurance services” we are permitted to provide include:

  • Burst water pipes and geysers
  • Electrical emergencies
  • Vehicle breakdowns and accidents
  • Vehicle theft

The 24-hour emergency services call centre can be reached on 0860 999 911.

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