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Your Rewards Wednesday just got even more rewarding. As a Vitality member, you will no longer receive instant Discovery Miles for closing your Vitality Active Rewards rings, you will instead play a more valuable gameboard, get discounts on selected rewards based on your Vitality Health status and you will have more ways to earn Discovery Miles for driving well.

Getting active, driving well and spending responsibly just got more rewarding. We've enhanced Vitality Active Rewards so you can enjoy discounted rewards, reveal bigger Discovery Miles on the gameboard for achieving your goals, and earn even more Discovery Miles for staying safe on the road.

Get discounts based on your Vitality Health status

You can now save up to 25% on most Vitality Active Rewards redemptions worth more than 350 Discovery Miles based on your Vitality Health status. Only valid on redemptions in the Discovery app.

This means that some of the rewards that were discounted for the COVID-19 stay-at-home period will return to normal to accommodate the exciting enhancements coming your way.

How? If you're at Blue Vitality Health status, you'll get 5% discount on select rewards. Bronze Vitality Health status members get 10% off, Silver Vitality Health status members get 15% off, and Gold Vitality Health status members enjoy a 20% discount. Reach Diamond Vitality Health status to get the full 25% saving.

Say for example, you buy an item at Sportsmans Warehouse for R100 (worth 1 000 Discovery Miles). With your Diamond Vitality Health status, you get 25% off, so instead of paying R100 (1 000 Discovery Miles), you only pay R75 (750 Discovery Miles).

Here's are a few more examples:

  Original cost Blue Vitality Health status 5% discount Bronze Vitality Health status 10% discount Silver Vitality Health status 15% discount Gold Vitality Health status 20% discount Diamond Vitality Health status 25% discount
Dis-Chem R100 D1 000 D950 D900 D850 D800 D750
Netflorist R250 D2 500 D2 375 D2 250 D2 125 D2 000 D1 875

To ensure fair access to rewards, there is now a daily, weekly or monthly limit on certain rewards.

We've enhanced the Vitality Active Rewards gameboard for you

When you achieved your weekly exercise, drive or money goal before, you received an instant 100 Discovery Miles and a play on the gameboard every Wednesday.

When you achieve your weekly goal, you will no longer get 100 instant Discovery Miles. You will instead access the more valuable gameboard for the following Rewards Wednesday, where you can pick a tile to reveal between 150 and 750 Discovery Miles. This means you're guaranteed a coffee or more for every goal you achieve.

Plus, if you achieve all three of your goals, you will get a bonus play on the gameboard for even more Discovery Miles.

Vitality Health tracker

Vitality Health Tracker members have access to play the enhanced gameboard for achieving their exercise goals, up to a limit of six goals achieved. Once your six play limit has been reached, you will still be able to track your exercise but will no longer accumulate Discovery Miles. You will also no longer be able to play the gameboard. Once you upgrade to Vitality Health you will be able to redeem the Discovery Miles you accumulated as part of your Vitality Health Tracker programme for reward. Find out more about Vitality Health Tracker here.

Plus, earn more Discovery Miles for driving well

In addition, Discovery Insure clients with Vitality Drive can now experience a more personalised and engaging Vitality Active Rewards drive goal. You now receive a weekly personalised Vitality Active Rewards drive goal based on your driving behaviour.

It will no longer be a fixed goal of 100 kilometres of event-free driving, but a dynamic goal that rewards you for staying safe on the road.

Furthermore, the new Vitality Drive points-earning structure will be more transparent and intuitive. You will be able to easily understand and track your good driving behaviour as you close your weekly drive ring to achieve your Vitality Active Rewards drive goal.

Please make sure you have latest version of the Discovery app to enjoy these great enhancements.

Your Vitality Active Rewards exercise goal

With exercise restrictions being eased, your personalised exercise goal will gradually start to adjust based on your exercise activity. The more you exercise, the more your goal will increase, as it did before COVID-19.

Vitality Active Rewards money goal

Discovery Bank and Vitality are committed to helping you achieve your Vitality Active Rewards money goals during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.

From Saturday, 3 October 2020, your Vitality Active Rewards money goals will be adjusted according to the colour of your Discovery Bank card as follows:

  • Discovery Bank Gold card - your weekly money goal will be adjusted to 7.
  • Discovery Bank Platinum card - your weekly money goal will be adjusted to 10.
  • Discovery Bank Black or Purple card - your weekly money goal will be adjusted to 15.

If you don't achieve you goal in a specific week, all progress will carry over to the following week's cycle (Saturday to Friday) until the money goal is achieved. If you earn more points than what you need to achieve your weekly goal, the excess points will carry over and contribute towards the following week's goal. Normally, the maximum number of excess points a client is able to carry over is equal to the current week's goal.

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