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Wayde van Niekerk triumphs in international comeback

The Discovery Dreamer is back! Wayde van Niekerk overcame a series of setbacks to make a triumphant return in his first international race in three years, winning the 400 metres sprint at a track meeting in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

This fitness warrior achieves his fitness goals no matter what

Whether it is tackling the Northcliff tower on a bike ride every morning or cycling through New York's Central Park in a hailstorm, this Vitality 65+ member doesn't miss a day of fitness activity.

How 65+ member Terrence Naidoo is cashing in with Vitality

This retired businessman embraces his Vitality programme like a business: getting maximum profit from his good health, fitness and spending behaviour

Using fitness to stay on top of health challenges at age 70

Liyakatally Mohamed, 70, counts his few health issues as minor blips in his otherwise comfortable life journey, which he maintains with Vitality

"I stay fit so I can live my best life," - Sheila Mhangwane, 67

This Vitality 65+ member maintains her Diamond Vitality Health status by completing her health assessments and doing moderate exercise as a gift to herself. "I stay fit so I can live my best life," she tells us.

With the right mindset, you can feel 17 even at 70

Ad agency exec Berenice van Dyk is busier than ever at 70 years old. Whether it is upskilling at work or keeping fit, there are no half-measures, she says.

Gym has been a saving grace for Gonam Naidoo

Gonam Naidoo, 67, has been a gym fanatic for two decades, and she says the effect of exercise on her arthritis has been profound.

Doctor Kijko's orders - moderate exercise to keep fit at 65+

Dr Grazyna Kijko, 70, is a Vitality fan who uses the programme to keep her fitness in check, but also rewards herself for it.

How Louis Minnaar, 66, got to Diamond Vitality Health status during lockdown

Louis joined Vitality late in 2019 and by April 2020, he had unlocked Diamond Vitality Health status and all its benefits by keeping up a simple routine, using a step counter and a resistance band.

Who runs the world? Hopefully all of us

The best exercise is one that you enjoy and will do. But otherwise, it's probably running. Here's why even a little running pays huge dividends.

WIN a dream trip to watch Arsenal live!

Can you think of a better way to #StartYourYearRight than an all-expenses-paid trip to watch a Premier League match live in London? If not, here's what you need to do to try your luck as the next #IWasThere winner!

The surprising story behind The Surfer's Challenge - and why you should take it on!

Over 45 years ago, a playful dare led to a race that's since become one of SA's most-loved annual sporting events. Learn more about the Discovery Surfer's Challenge and how - thanks to a new 5km event - anyone can join the fun this February!

The case for short-distance cycling

It doesn't have to be an 80km ride to "count". In fact, several short-distance rides every week are shown to be highly beneficial - not only to your training, but to your general health and wellbeing too.


The best bike for your buck

Choosing a bike is all about you: how much can you afford, how often you're going to use your bike, whether you can afford to insure it, how good a cyclist are you and of course whether or not you are cycling competitively.


Why all kids should be riding bikes

From the first toddler push-bike to learning to ride on a tricycle, to the independence of cycling to a friend's house - kids and bikes have long gone hand in hand.


"I might have multiple sclerosis, but I also have a lot more: happiness" - #DiamondWarrior Oliver Sinclair

Fifteen years ago, Oliver Sinclair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the young age of 29. Despite his condition, the husband and father of two is living proof that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve Diamond Vitality status.


Who runs the world? Vitality member Morongoa Morena

After birthing twins. Morongoa realised she needed to get her fitness back on track. Over the last decade, she's racked up a staggering 57 marathons - and found the perfect way to combine her love of running and travel. Let her inspire you this #WomensMonth!


Chad le Clos' Decade of Greatness

Highlighting a decade of greatness, Chad le Clos emerged as the most decorated South African swimmer of all time by stepping onto the podium at major events each year since making his international debut.


50 000 Apple Watch Active

Are you ready to get active this #GlobalMoveForHealthDay'? Here's how the latest tech trends and gadgets can keep you moving.


Couch potato to kettlebell king - how this #DiamondWarrior gave his heart a second chance

Kobus Pretorius was among the first Vitality members to qualify for Diamond Vitality status in 2008. Eleven years on and he's managed to maintain it, even while managing hypertension. Here this #DiamondWarrior shows us how it's done!


Get inspired to get active with this fun family workout video

Let Vitality and Disney's The Lion King inspire you to create happy, healthy habits as a family, starting with these fun family exercises



As the official wellness partner of Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka (who are currently competing in the 2019 Tour de France), Discovery is challenging YOU to show your support for them, and for the less fortunate, when you #MoveMore4Qhubeka this July!


From diabetes diagnosis to #DiamondWarrior - how a VHC changed Tony's life

Tony Calitz struggled with his health for years until an annual Vitality Health Check alerted him to an underlying chronic condition. He started managing his health more proactively and has risen to the challenge to become a true #DiamondWarrior.


How exercise can help you age well

Advances in medicine and technology mean human beings are living longer than ever before. But are we aging well? And, can we cheat the negative effects of aging on health? The answer may lie in the positive effects of exercise.


Parents assemble! How super parents can raise super kids

Why it's important to be healthy role models for your kids - and how YOU can get started.


Need to exercise more? Get an emotionally supportive exercise buddy

Two heads are better than one, they say - and two bodies too, when it comes to an exercise regime. If you're struggling to stick to a training schedule, the solution could be as simple as finding a friend, says head of Vitality Wellness, Dr Craig Nossel.


Feel too unfit or unwell to exercise? Start small by walking

Walking is a great low-impact exercise, helping you strengthen your body and maintain a healthy weight. You can start small, and once you get used to it, challenge yourself slowly and safely. Soon you'll start enjoying the many health benefits of walking.


How Mpedi walked his way from unfit to Comrades finisher

Ten years ago, Mpedi Keetse was unfit and unhappy with his body. He started joining mass walks for the fun of it, then got bit by the running bug, and is now training for his seventh Comrades! From ordinary to extraordinary - be inspired by his story.


Kabelo Mabalane is taking on the role of 'making running cool'

A refreshingly down-to-earth media personality, a thriving entrepreneur, a devoted family man and an 11-time Comrades runner - it's easy to see why Diamond Vitality member and myrun Brand Ambassador Kabelo Mabalane (42) makes for such a credible role model.


'I started keeping a fit-schedule' - PopUpGym co-founder Khethiwe's top 5 ways to get fit

This month we celebrate World Move for Health Day, and there's no better advocate for activity than the vibrant Khethiwe Mlangeni - a mother and co-founder of PopUpGym, a lifestyle brand aimed at the health and fitness of women and children.


How to swop your sleep-in for a fitness boost that lasts all day

Starting your mornings with physical activity come with a host of compelling reasons, and can help you get your day off to an energising start. Here are 5 handy tips to help you get a morning exercise routine going.


How Kori found a running community and regained his health

In his twenties, Kori's poor lifestyle habits were keeping him from living every day to his potential. Then he joined Team Vitality's running club, found a community that's since become like family, and regained his health in the process. This is his story.


'My goals became a way of life' - Gerhard's testimony of resilience and transformation

After hitting rock bottom in a personal capacity, Gerhard le Roux decided he needed to turn his life around - and over the last two years, that's just what he's done. Here he shares how he pieced his life back together.


'I lost 25 kg by living a healthy lifestyle!' says Vitality mom, Nolo Skiti

Nolo Skiti is a software consultant and Diamond Vitality member who's determined to maintain a healthy body weight, and to set a good example for her pre-teen daughter on how to stay fit and have a healthy body image. #10YearChallenge


Two decades on Vitality and feeling like a 20-something

Elize Sewell exudes vitality and confidence. Pursuit of adventure has taken her across the globe - and granted her enviable physical fitness as a result. We caught up with her to learn her healthy living secrets - which include cold water swimming!


On cancer treatment? Here's how to exercise safely

If you're currently a cancer patient, regular weekly exercise will help you live longer, and if you're a cancer survivor, it will help prevent a recurrence of the disease. In both cases, getting active each week will improve your quality of life.


Not active? It's not too late, says a new cancer study

A new study has found just how much longer cancer patients who engage in regular physical activity can live. Whether you're currently a patient, you're in remission or you want to lower your risk of ever getting cancer, exercise can help you.


How mountain biking can boost your memory

Are you back to the daily grind and feeling the need to up your game? Perhaps a memory upgrade would help! Studies show that your working memory - which helps you understand things and remember better - can be improved through dynamic exercises.


Handsaw victim to aspiring Paralympian - the remarkable way sports opened doors for Mhlengi Gwala

A freak attack derailed Mhlengi Gwala's budding career as an able-bodied triathlete, but in spite of a limp, he just took top honours in the 2019 Discovery Triathlon Mixed Sprint Team race. Here he shares more about why he's determined to keep racing.


7 decades strong and taking on the Discovery Duathlon

Molly Fabé, 70, had never exercised before when she inadvertently entered a competition to participate in the Discovery Triathlon World Cup. She couldn't even swim at the time. Here's her story of overcoming the odds - and repeating it for love.


Want to crush that fitness goal this year? Here's how Debby does it

It's a new year, which means new opportunities to get fitter and stronger than the year before. Debby Walker sets her mind to hitting and maintaining her Diamond Vitality status. Find inspiration in her story to reach your own fitness goals!


Heatwave sapping your hopes to get fit? Head underwater!

With increasing temperatures soaring in most parts of the country this month, there's no better time to hit your nearest body of water for a full-body exercise session that's both effective and refreshing.


How to set a fitness goal you'll stick to - an expert's advice

Did you know that the earliest recorded New Year festivities date back to around 4 000 years ago? And likely for just as long, mankind has been making and breaking resolutions! Here a biokineticist weighs in on how to make your fitness goals last.


'Set a target' - how Maema masters his annual resolution

Diamond Vitality member Maema Morake, 35, believes that setting a target beyond 'just exercise' is key to sticking to a fitness goal. And maximising on the benefits of integrated Discovery products doesn't hurt either!


4 tech trends that could help you get more active

From social media to Skype chats and self-driving cars, technology may be well known for reducing our need to move, but it can also motivate people to be more physically active. Here's how.


Why you need an emotionally supportive training partner

Research is increasingly demonstrating the power of social interaction in influencing human behaviour. This is because the way we act is strongly affected by our colleagues, friends and family.


Adventuring at 60: the remarkable, record-breaking Ram Barkai

At 60-years-old, Ram Barkai is a world record holder in ice swimming. He says the extreme conditions foster humility and mental fortitude - two qualities he values highly. Here he shares more about his remarkable achievements.


Kicking it like Pereira

Discovery sits down with 14-year-old role model and rising soccer star, Isabela Pereira to find out more about her aspirations and what it's like to be a young leader on and off the field.


Train like pro cyclist - learnings from Africa's first Tour de France team

With technology at our fingertips, it's becoming easier to understand how our bodies work on a bike. Discovery is no stranger to using digital tools to track physical activity, and who better to offer insights than professional sportspeople?


How effectively are you exercising? Your wearable tech knows

If we don't understand how to interpret data in ways that compel us to act, even the most sophisticated of technology is useless. Learn all you need to know about heart rate monitoring here, and how wearable tech can get you fitter.


How tech connects fans with their favourite pro cyclists

The more you understand how much skill and strength it takes for an athletic task to be achieved, the greater your sense of awe. Happily, for sports fans, advanced technology is bringing them closer than ever to their cycling heroes.


Introducing Technogym as a new fitness partner

Technogym through the Mywellness app will now be integrated with Vitality which means you can now earn points for your workouts completed using TechnoGym equipment.


Why Chad le Clos is set on coaching SA's youth

Home-grown Olympian champ Chad le Clos is committed to transforming the way swimming is taught in South Africa. Here's what he's up to this Youth Month.


Why Wayde wants to get your family moving this winter

It's easy for adults to become more sedentary over the cold season, but if your kids are feeling bored and cooped up, here are fun ways you can encourage each other to stay active - plus inspiration from Vitality Ambassador Wayde van Niekerk.


Just 30 minutes of exercise a day helps you live longer

We all know it's important to get off the couch and get active, but there are more health benefits of exercising regularly - for just 30 minutes a day - than you think. is that a fraction of time that you can spare if it meant a healthier life?


Fight obesity in South Africa a step at a time

The impact of obesity on individual health, globally, is significant. Good nutrition and regular physical activity are simple but immensely effective lifestyle changes that will set you on a road towards better health.


Run your way out of a rut (and try these winter race goals!)

Wish you were #WinningWinter instead of stuck in a rut with your running? Here are some ways to get yourself back up and beating your personal best, plus inspiration and details for your next fun mass-running event.


6 tips to beat your personal best at a parkrun

parkruns are free 5km events open to the public that take place across the country every Saturday morning. Here are 6 handy tips on how to achieve your parkrun personal best.


From overweight to lifting weights - 6 steps to get you there

Once overweight and inactive, Hanna Elliot is now a qualified personal trainer and powerlifter. Here are 6 great tips to help you start weightlifting from someone who's walked the walk to talk the talk!


Don't let your history define you: Hanna's story

Hanna Elliot felt like the consequences of her bad lifestyle habits were holding her back from really living life. She was tired of it and decided not to let her history dictate her future. Be inspired by her powerful personal story here.


Zero exercise to running marathons: Illona shares her six top tips

Team Vitality member Illona Meyer went from zero exercise to completing marathons in six months. Her running has helped her through the grief of losing her mother, Chamara Meyer, to Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in June 2017, and inspired her to run for a purpose: raise funds for others diagnosed with MND.


From township bikes to Tour de France - this team is making history

Discovery is partnering with Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka - the first African cycling team to compete in the Tour de France - to celebrate firsts using innovative tech and to empower communities through cycling.


Couch potato to marathon runner and MND fundraiser

Running helped Illona Meyer, 27, reclaim her life when her mother Chamara Meyer passed away from Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in June 2017. Today Illona is on the verge of becoming a multiple marathon runner and is raising funds for victims of MND.


Great minds... run alike! How 3 members are championing parkruns

Invigorating, addictive and healthy, parkruns have taken South Africa by storm. Best of all, these outdoor events take place weekly, so act as a regular prompt to integrate fitness into your lifestyle. Thousands of people take part in parkruns, but three passionate Vitality members stand out.


Feeling the flu? Why and when to taper back on training

Feeling under the weather? There's a reason doctors always prescribe rest when you're ill. Here's how to be mindful of your body's needs, plus an easy way to earn 1 000 Vitality points for keeping the flu at bay with a flu vaccination.


Why running is the most effective anti-aging medicine

A new study claims that the benefits running offers include three extra years of life - and far better quality of life during those years. We dug into the research to learn more about this weighty claim.


From addiction to swimming - how sports saved me

When he lines up for the start of the Discovery Triathlon World Cup in Cape Town next weekend, up-and-coming swimmer Mhlengi Gwala will be flushed with gratefulness. Reporter William Molema caught up with him to find out why.


Inspiring township youths to become triathletes

Reporter William Molema met up with triathlete Sandile Shange at the Durban King's Park swimming pool, where Sandile trains and serves as a lifeguard, to learn more about where he's headed and the positive influence he's having on local youths.


Team testimonies: Why two are better than one

Research is increasingly showing the importance of social interaction in influencing human behaviour. This is because the way we behave is strongly affected by our colleagues, friends and family. Here's how some Vitality members are making the most of this.


Life begins at 78! How running keeps Deirdre Larkin young

Deirdre Larkin first hit the road in 2009, and now, at 85 years old, is getting stronger and keener by the year. We caught up with 'Randburg's Grand Dame' to find out how her passion for running has given her a new lease on life.


Catapult your cycling with 3 simple exercises

Want to take your cycling to the next level this year? Instead of spending more hours training in the saddle, achieve the endurance you need by strengthening your core muscles. Here's how.


Don't let friction get between you and fitness

Starting a new exercise regime or sport sometimes results in uncomfortable skin chafing - but don't let the frustration of friction derail your attempts to get fit. Here are some handy pointers on how to prevent and treat chafing.


How to become a morning exercise person

You don't have to catch worms to enjoy the merits of being an early bird. Exercising in the mornings has many advantages, so it's worth rearranging your daily schedule to fit it in. Here's why and how to give it a go.


Beach, berg or bundus - workouts to keep you active anywhere these holidays

It's December and for many of us that means a welcome break from routine. Here are ways to ensure exercise doesn't fall through the cracks.


Entries now open for 2018 Discovery Get Active Weekend in Cape Town

Continuing its support of events that encourage healthy behaviour, Discovery will once more host a weekend of multisport to encourage Capetonians to get and stay active with the Discovery Get Active Weekend in February 2018.


Diabetes and exercise: how, what, when and why

If you're diabetic (or nearing it), you've no doubt heard that regular exercise can reduce your risk. If you're not sure what it entails, here are answers for all your FAQS about exercise!


Swim your way to good shape like Chad!

Discovery Vitality Ambassador Chad le Clos has been hitting his personal fitness goals throughout the season, and is now on the cusp of winning an unprecedented fourth FINA Swimming World Cup series title. Find some inspiration from him to hit the pool this summer!


Over 40? Here's why cycling may be perfect for you

Simple enough for a child to master, but challenging enough to keep Chris Froome's heart racing - cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed at almost any age. However, middle age may just be the perfect time to start. Find out why and learn even more with seven key tips for cyclists over 40!


How much is too much? Exercising with hypertension

If you have high blood pressure (or want to try manage the risk of it), it's important to plan an exercise programme properly so that you can maximise the benefits for your blood pressure, without adding extra stress on your heart. Here are some tips and safety guidelines.


Walk your way to a healthy heart

Think you're too unwell or unfit to exercise? Then simply start small this spring. Read here how walking can open the door to better heart health.


Ons gaan NOU braai (get the kids active while you wait)

"Nou" they promise, but you know that means "nou nou," which really means not anytime soon! Here are some ideas help the kids (and yourselves) stay active while you pass the time.


Can you keep up with Wayde and Chad?

Recent championships have tested the mettle of Vitality Ambassadors Chad le Clos and Wayde van Niekerk - and not found them wanting! Their impressive list of new records and humble approach to excellence will inspire you to be your best every day.


Get ready to run - a beginner's guide

Busy? We understand. Haven't exercised in a while? Don't worry - starting running (and sticking with it) is easier than you think. But first things first: you need to get your body and your mind prepared for running.


Why you should get a fitness device

It's about far more than just keeping the time: get a fitness device and you're on your way to a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Catching up with Wayde and Chad: how they reach their goals, and how you can too

We chatted to Discovery Vitality Ambassadors Wayde van Niekerk and Chad le Clos on their recent sporting victories and gleaned pointers on how to 'get to gold' in our own health and wellness journeys.


Pushing limits and shedding pounds: How Dumi found a sport she loves

Spring brings a scurry of activity as the earth bursts into life. Use this season to fall in love with a fitness activity that keeps you coming back for more. Dumisile Mthalane did just that. By finding a sport where she can soak up the sunshine, she's transformed the way she looks, thinks and feels.


Discovery Vitality's top 10 tips to stay active this winter

Humans are made to move. In fact, our bodies are hard-wired to be active and fluid. This explains why we feel so triumphant after a 5am morning run, even if we were tempted to rather stay in. We have more energy, we may lose some unwanted weight and even our mood improves.


Le Clos - the Comeback King

Discovery Vitality ambassador, Chad le Clos was hailed as the comeback king after reclaiming his 200m butterfly title at the FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, on 27 July 2017.


parkrun SA's sisters are doing it for themselves

If you're one of the 17 000 SA women who wake up every Saturday morning to run (or volunteer) at one of many glorious parkrun events, Vitality salutes you. And, what better time than August, Women's Month, to celebrate the woman behind parkrun SA - Gill Fordyce.


5 excuses not to exercise (but are they good enough?!)

We can all think of a reason why we just can't fit a workout in today. But understanding how we justify it can help to break down barriers to exercise. Here we list some common excuses for avoiding exercise, and tips to get you going.


19 Ways to live like Wayde

Wayde van Niekerk sprinted to a world first and new SA record of 19.84 seconds in the 200m half-lap in Jamaica. We celebrate his extraordinary 19-second (or so) achievement with 19 key insights shared during our most recent interview with him.


Keep moving, or go extinct as Homo sedentary

Whether you take on the Comrades, are one of over 50 000 people doing a parkrun every Saturday, or enjoy the races running clubs put on every weekend - every single step counts. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 4 June 2017


Win, lose or draw - it's all good

Winning, losing, leadership, friendship. Craig Nossel explores the (many) benefits of sports for our South African children. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 28 May 2017


Hi-tech balancing act

Growing up, I couldn't wait to see what cool gadgets James Bond would use next to save the world. These days, it seems unimpressive considering what the tech attached to our bodies can do. Dr Craig Nossel, Head of Vitality Wellness: The Sunday Times, 21 May 2017


From unfit to Comrades finisher - Mpedi's inspirational #10yearchallenge

Ten years ago, Mpedi Keetse was unfit and unhappy with his body. He started joining mass walks for the fun of it, then got bit by the running bug, and is now is training for his seventh Comrades! From ordinary to extraordinary - be inspired by his story. #10YearChallenge

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