How to close your fitness and drive goal rings


Are you in the running for two Vitality Active Rewards a week? You could be! If you’ve joined the programme but need help figuring out how to achieve your weekly targets, here’s a step-by-step guide to closing those gaps in your goal rings.

Did you know that all Vitality Active Rewards members can earn at least two plays every week by achieving their fitness and drive goals? That means two chances to pick tiles on the gameboard to reveal Vitality reward points or diamonds.

This is the case for everyone only during the 10-week Vitality Open campaign, regardless of whether or not you have a Vitality policy or a Discovery Insure policy. After that, you can only earn rewards through Vitality Active Rewards depending on which Discovery product(s) you have.

Until then, everyone can aim to close their fitness and drive rings to earn plays and pick tiles on their gameboard.

How to close your fitness ring

All the usual ways of achieving your Vitality Active Rewards fitness goals are open to you. For non-Vitality members to get rewarded, they need to download the Discovery app and achieve their weekly fitness goals by completing at least three fitness days in a goal week.

The Vitality Open goal week runs from Saturday morning to midnight on Friday. Achieve your weekly fitness goals by completing at least three fitness days in a goal week. Remember, you can only complete one fitness day per day.

To complete a fitness day:

  1. Track 10 000+ steps in a day using your smartphone
  2. Visit the gym if you’re an existing Planet Fitness or Virgin Active member
  3. Complete a parkrun or myrun

Remember to link your smartphone so Vitality can access to your health data to reward you for getting active.

  1. To track steps, link either your Samsung Health app or the iOS Health app to the Discovery app.
  2. To track gym workouts, link your gym membership to Vitality.
  3. To track runs, link your parkrun or myrun profiles to Vitality.

Explore the app and follow the prompts to ensure that all your fitness days are recorded. Read the in-app help pages for more guides.

How to close your drive ring

To achieve your weekly drive goal, you need to complete 100 consecutive kilometres event-free. Once you download the Discovery Insure app and follow the prompts, your smartphone will start tracking whether your driving is event-free.

Event-free driving entails the following 6 practices:

  1. Don’t accelerate harshly: Accelerating harshly wastes fuel and ups your risk of bumping into something. Increase pressure on the pedal slowly and smoothly.
  2. Don’t brake harshly: Braking slowly and smoothly to increase your reaction time in case a vehicle, pedestrian or animal suddenly obstructs your path. You need at least three seconds following distance between you and the car in front of you.
  3. Don’t corner harshly: Reduce your speed before you come into a corner. By turning slowly, you’ll have more time to react if something unexpected comes round the corner.
  4. Keep to the speed limit: Speed limits are there for a reason. Don’t drive faster than what’s legal and match your speed to the road conditions – wet weather requires slower driving and a great following distance.
  5. Don’t use your cellphone: Using your phone on the road lowers your reaction time by 35% and makes you eight times more likely to be in an accident. Install a hands-free kit if necessary or just wait until you reach your destination to use your phone.
  6. Avoid driving at night: You’re seven times more likely to crash when driving at night than when driving in the daytime. Avoid it or catch an Uber instead.

With online shopping, tech accessories, dream holidays and prizes for life up for grabs every #RewardsWednesday, the effort you put into following these steps during the week is well worth it. Soon, healthier behaviours will come more naturally, and all along, you’ll have Vitality Active Rewards nudging you forward each step of the way! Get started today

The Vitality Open. Anyone can join. Everyone wins

Download the Discovery app to join the Vitality Open and get rewarded for getting active and driving well.

Achieve your goals to earn great rewards PLUS if you reveal a diamond, you will go into a draw to win prizes … for life. Flights, fuel, gym, movies, concert tickets, smoothies, coffees, tyres, Uber, Nando’s, running shoes, HealthyFood and the latest iPhone … for LIFE. 

Here's how it works.

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