3 awesome Vitality Open perks that ONLY Vitality members get


Everyone's welcome during the 10-week Vitality Open, but if you're wondering whether Vitality members get any perks over non-members - well of course they do! Here’s a breakdown to show how members always get more out.

Vitality Active Rewards (known as the Vitality Open for non-Vitality members) is available to all South Africans until December 2018. The programme - which is just one component of the full Vitality offering - delivers rewards to your smartphone for getting active and driving better.

Every time you achieve a weekly fitness or drive goal, you earn a play on the gameboard. For each play, you can pick a tile which reveals hidden Vitality reward points or diamonds. Vitality members get more out in three ways – boosted weekly rewards, extra points for joining friends, and extra entries into the Prizes for Life draw. 

1. Vitality members get higher value weekly rewards

All Vitality members qualify for boosted rewards for achieving their goals. For example, a Vitality member can get a coffee for 25 reward points, but a non-member needs 40 reward points to get a 50% discount on a coffee.

The table below shows all the reward partners that apply to Vitality Active Rewards and Vitality Open. The conversion rate between reward points and reward choice for Vitality members are shown in the orange section. The conversion rate between reward points and reward choice for non-Vitality members are shown in the grey section.

For more on what each reward entails, check out the reward guide here.

2. Vitality members earn extra points for friends who join

Vitality members earn 5 reward points for every non-Vitality and non-Vitality Drive friend you get to join the Vitality Open using your unique invite code.

3. Vitality members get DOUBLE entries into Prizes for Life

For every diamond you reveal, Vitality members will also get DOUBLE entries into the Prizes for Life draw, taking place on Friday, 7 December 2018.

Besides these three ways that Vitality members get more out than non-Vitality members during the Vitality Open, remember that members also have continued access to the full suite of Vitality benefits, such as the HealthyFood, HealthyCare, HealthyGear, gym and travel benefits.

How to use your plays on the Vitality Open gameboard

If you close your fitness or drive ring within a goal week, you will earn yourself a play (or two, if you close both) on the gameboard. You are awarded plays for the previous goal week each Wednesday. Here's how to use them:

  1. Log into your Discovery app and select Vitality then Vitality Active Rewards
  2. As soon as you have earned a play, you'll see a notification that says, 'You have 2 play available at the top of the screen' Click on this link.
  3. Then click 'PLAY THE BOARD' to open up your gameboard.
  4. Pick any tile (one of 20). You'll be asked if you're sure you want that tile. Click 'Yes.'
  5. Your chosen tile will flip around to reveal what you've won - either a certain amount of Vitality reward points or a diamond.
  6. This will then be added to your total amount of Vitality reward points or diamonds.
  7. Click 'SPEND YOUR REWARDS' to view your reward options and see which rewards you qualify for. Options that you need more reward points or diamonds to qualify for will be greyed out.
  8. Click a reward option you qualify for to redeem it.
  9. Watch this video on how to play the game and get rewarded.

With online shopping, tech accessories, dream holidays and prizes for life up for grabs every #RewardsWednesday, the effort you put in during the week is well worth it. Soon, healthier behaviours will come more naturally, and all along, you’ll have Vitality Active Rewards nudging you forward each step of the way! Get started today.

The Vitality Open. Anyone can join. Everyone wins

Download the Discovery app to join the Vitality Open and get rewarded for getting active and driving well.

Achieve your goals to earn great rewards PLUS if you reveal a diamond, you will go into a draw to win prizes … for life. Flights, fuel, gym, movies, concert tickets, smoothies, coffees, tyres, Uber, Nando’s, running shoes, HealthyFood and the latest iPhone … for LIFE.

Here's how it works

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