Get financial protection against shortfalls in medical cover


Get up to 200% additional in-hospital specialist cover, starting from only R90 per month with Discovery Gap Cover

Discovery Gap Cover helps you cover unexpected medical costs, for treatment related to approved admissions to hospital where healthcare professionals charge more than what your medical scheme pays, or where you have a life-changing severe illness.

New option on Discovery Gap Cover

Discovery Gap Cover now gives you the choice between Discovery Gap Comprehensive and Discovery Gap Core to suit your needs. Discovery Gap Core is a new, more affordable option that significantly enhances your cover for in-hospital shortfalls and cancer-related claims, available from 1 January 2018.

Oncology enhancements for 2018

We have significantly enhanced the Oncology Extender Benefit, which now offers immediate access to up to R100 000 a year for shortfalls on approved cancer-related claims once you reach your medical scheme’s oncology threshold.


In-hospital specialist cover

Discovery Gap Cover gives you rich protection against shortfalls in medical scheme cover for specialist treatment received in hospital.


Pre- and post-hospitalisation cover

Discovery Gap Cover offers an option for pre- and post-hospitalisation cover for specific shortfalls incurred out of hospital, but related to the admission.


Comprehensive cover for cancer

Discovery Gap Cover provides additional funding to help cover oncology co-payments. Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover helps fund high-cost treatments and gives you access to advanced genomic sequencing for certain cancers.


Additional financial support for severe illness

Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover gives you additional support through lump-sum payments and premium protection to help ease health-related financial strain.


One simple claims process

With Discovery Gap Cover, claim payment is simple. Gaps in cover are identified, assessed and paid automatically when the medical scheme claim is processed.

Cover from R65 a month!

From as little as R65 a month for Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover and R90 a month for Discovery Gap Core, Discovery’s Gap Cover options give you cost-efficient and competitive protection.

Premiums are based on individual circumstances, according to pricing principles for short-term insurance and life insurance. There are certain requirements on application, and waiting periods may apply based on the health plan at the time of activating the Gap Cover.

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