Live in a world where your good driving is noticed and rewarded


We live in a world where, very frequently, the small but good things we do go unnoticed, like when you stop at that stop street or stick to the speed limit.

Isn't it great to know that, with Discovery Insure, your good driving is noticed and even gets rewarded and celebrated?

Watch as Siya's good driving gets celebrated in our newest Discovery Insure ad:

Here are just a few ways that Discovery Insure rewards and celebrates our clients' good driving:

  • Up to 50% back in fuel rewards when you fill up at BP or Shell. If you have a Gautrain Gold Card, you get up to 50% back on your monthly Gautrain spend too
  • Earn Active Rewards vouchers to use at vida e caffè, KAUAI, StopWash, KaChing or Admyt by simply driving an event-free 100 kms
  • 25% off on your UBER rides, as well as 10% discount with Road Trip and Scooter Angels
  • Up to 15% discount with Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

Your good driving gets measured each month and translated into your Vitalitydrive status. The higher your status, the better your rewards!

There really is no reason not to join Discovery Insure.

Become a Vitalitydrive member. Get a quote today.

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