Good Driving

Want to drive like a pro? The following are some of the latest articles on cars, road safety, the science of good driving, defensive driving, and current events – to help you on the road to better driving.


Taking safe driving to the highway

Driving on the highway can be risky business if you’re not on the lookout. Make sure you know the ins and outs of staying safe on these busy roads with our handy tips.


How to shield your car from those scorching summer rays

Peeling, cracking, fading, overheating… the sun is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it's blazing down on your beloved car. Here are some pointers on how to care for your vehicle when it’s feeling the heat.


Stay safe on the road - buckle up during pregnancy

During your pregnancy you keep yourself fit and healthy and prepare for when baby is born. While you are pregnant, your unborn baby needs to be safe while you are driving too.


How controlling your emotions can make you a better driver

Studies show that your emotional state can impact your safety on the road. Learn how it can affect you, and tips to help you stay calm and alert when you drive.


Road skills 101: Why and how to change a tyre

Given that the only contact between you and the road when driving are the postcard-sized surfaces of your tyres, their importance can't be understated. Here's a look at how to maintain and change your tyres.


Road-tripping #3: Steer your way to South Africa's secret beaches

It's almost the December holidays and for many eager South Africans, that means beach time! If you find Camp's Bay and Ballito a little crowded for your liking, check your car is in shape and then road-trip your way to these lesser-known gems.


Put the leisure into long-distance trips by planning well

There's more to driving long distances than packing snacks and stopping at a Wimpy. Ensure you and your vehicle are up for the journey with these pointers, like how to best pack a trailer and stay alert on the roads.


Discovery Insure partners with Wheel Well to promote child car seat safety

Discovery Insure is excited to announce its partnership with child car seat expert Peggie Mars of NGO Wheel Well, to raise awareness of the critical difference an appropriate and correctly installed car seat makes in keeping a little one safe on the road.


The secret to staying safe on the road

Motor accidents are one of the leading causes of death in our country. Although you can't control other road users, you can control how you anticipate, identify and avoid hazards on the road.


Road-tripping #2: Social butterfly or lone ranger? There's a road trip for you!

What do you yearn for when you think of your next holiday? A jam-packed schedule full of fun activities, or just getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to remote, anonymous serenity? Either way - our northern neighbours have it all!


How to deal with a heart attack while driving

There's never a good time to have a heart attack. But one of the worst times is likely behind while driving. Here is what you should do if it happens to you.


Road-tripping #1: Delve into your cultural heritage

Did you know that South Africa is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all of which were declared to be of 'outstanding value to humanity'? Here's a look at four fascinating cultural sites that are well worth visiting on your next national road trip!


Spruce up your car

The new season doesn't just mean ushering in the fresh and new for yourself - help your car's health by sprucing it up for the warmer seasons.


What to do after a car accident

Accidents are unexpected, so it helps to know exactly what actions to take if you find yourself in one.


Don't let winter put a freeze on your good driving

The forecast: A freeze is coming. Winter has descended upon us.


Protecting your child against the cold and on the roads

With the wintry chills setting in, parents of youngsters are mindful of wrapping up their little ones warmly.


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