Good Driving

Want to drive like a pro? The following are some of the latest articles on cars, road safety, the science of good driving, defensive driving, and current events - to help you on the road to better driving.

The better you drive, the greater your rewards

Being more mindful of your driving habits will not only make you a safer driver, but it will also bring you greater rewards and even more fuel cash back.

Road trip tips to keep you safe on the road

This is a season to be happy, and in Discovery Insure's world, happy is arriving safe. So, we've put together driving tips to help you drive well and better react to emergencies on full roads. The first step is getting your car ready for the long road

Control your insurance premium with Vitality Drive 65+

If you are between the age of 65 and 80, you can get up to 50% of your premiums back every year for healthy living and good driving with Vitality Drive 65+.

Monthly fuel cash back and your share of R200 000 in prizes

As a Vitality Drive client, you are an integral part of Discovery Insure's movement to create a nation of great drivers.

The power of Diamond Vitality Drive status

When you drive well and consistently improve your driving behaviour, you not only boost your Vitality Drive points - you also maximise what you get out of your car insurance cover.

Get a headstart to good driving with a simulated driving experience

Immersing yourself in a virtual environment that mimics real life can be great fun, entertaining, and even a fantastic learning experience.

Get the right cover for your car and home

What will make your home and car insurance cover more valuable? We give you two comprehensively designed options for maximum value.

Pothole Patrol - Driving change on South African roads

Discovery Insure, in partnership with Dialdirect and the City of Johannesburg, has launched the Pothole Patrol which manages and repairs potholes across Johannesburg. You can help us make that positive difference go even further with the Pothole Patrol App and WhatsApp Bot.

Mini Me on board: Keeping your children safe while you drive

As a care-giver, guardian or parent, the safety of our children remains top priority, so let's look at Three easy ways drivers can be proactive in caring for children in the car.

How to best handle a stroke from behind the wheel

Having a medical emergency such as a stroke while driving can endanger you and others on the road. To help you manage these risks, here are some useful guidelines.

Managing your mental health can keep you safer on the road

Keeping your emotions in check is vital when you're on the road. Driving with highly charged emotions, can be just as risky as sending a text message from behind the wheel.

Reducing road related risks with Vitality Active Rewards

"Improving driving behaviours that are key contributors to serious accidents on our roads is the primary focus of our driver behaviour programme," says Discovery Insure CEO, Anton Ossip.

A car or home insurance quote in under 60 seconds? - Yes!

Powered by cutting-edge and intuitive artificial intelligence technology, AI Quote automatically generates Discovery Insure quotes on your mobile device in seconds. Help your friends and family tailor their car and home insurance plan to suit their lifestyle in 60 seconds with Discovery's AI Quote system.

Two ways you can enjoy enhanced discounts with Vitality Drive

Accessing your discounts and rewards is now even easier. After all, we know how much you enjoy the benefit of your rewards, so accessing them once you've earned them should be simple too.

All your Discovery Insure plan details at your fingertips- Discovery App

Every day, we seek out new and innovative ways to enhance our digital platforms, to give you a one stop seamless and intuitive experience. The Discovery app is your digital gateway to enjoying all your plan features and better understand and engage with your benefits and rewards.

Sharpen your skills behind the wheel at the Discovery Driving Academy

The practice of good driving and making roads safer is something Discovery Insure is passionate about. To influence driving behaviour in positive ways begins with the sharpening of skills and techniques that contribute to safer practices behind the wheel.

Enjoy a full suite of services with the Discovery Drive Centres

To give you even better service, Discovery Insure is excited to introduce state-of-the-art Drive Centres in Menlyn and Cape Town, in addition to the existing Drive Centre in Sandton.

'What's up?' with your Discovery Insure plan? - Ask us on Whatsapp

As the world becomes more digitally savvy, the touchpoints and platforms for how we communicate with one another evolve. One of the best things about using technology is how quick, easy and convenient it can be. Now, all of your basic needs on your Discovery Insure plan are just a Whatsapp message away.

5 Ways you can earn a little extra from driving well

The Vitality Drive Programme is designed with built-in tools and mechanisms that encourage sustained improvements in driving behaviours.

Power surge protection - 7 tips to protect your household valuables

Unexpected power surges and load shedding are our current reality; so are there ways we can protect our valued appliances and electronics from the damaging effects? Here are some useful tips.

Pothole Patrol paving the way for safer roads

Introducing the Pothole Patrol - the joint partnership set to make a marked difference. Discovery Insure is now in partnership with The City of Joburg and Dialdirect Insurance to begin managing the repair of potholes across Johannesburg.

Minimising vehicle wear and tear: Is it covered under your warranty?

If you own and use a car, you know that maintaining it is of utmost importance. It's not just about avoiding extra (often unexpected) costs when things break down; a preventative care approach also makes it safer to drive, and you can even prolong the lifespan of your car too!

5 Common car insurance myths and what they really mean

It's reasonably easy to misinterpret some of the details of your car insurance plan. To help you better understand your car insurance, we've listed some common myths and misconceptions and debunked them for you

Discovery Insure has rewarded clients with R1bn in fuel cash back

Real value can come from unexpected places - like your insurance. Through its driver rewards programme, Vitality Drive, Discovery Insure has given immeasurable value back to its clients.

Travel safely with Vitality Drive this holiday season

One thing the outbreak of COVID-19 has done is highlight, from a different perspective, just how important it is to remain mindful when it comes to safety overall.

Staycation or short left - Is your home secure enough for the holidays?

This year, the summer holidays may be a little different from what we're normally used to as we all do our part to stay safe in a time of a pandemic. Whether you're planning a staycation or short left trip, you will need to keep your home safe and secure this holiday.

Are your holiday season gifts covered?

It's almost everyone's favourite shopping spree time! If you have high-ticket items on your gift list this year, it's a good idea to add them to your inventory of covered valuables.

5 Tips for safely getting back to driving on SA's roads

Now that economies are opening up, and with the right safety precautions being followed, more people are starting up those ignitions and "getting back to it."

Protecting you on the road

If it's never happened to you, can you imagine what those first few seconds following an accident may be like? If it has, you know just how critical those seconds truly are - especially when help is quickly dispatched.

Drive your own car insurance premiums with Vitality Drive 65+

Today, people are living longer and extending their working years too. This means that older adults may also wish to keep driving their vehicles well into their retirement years. So, shouldn't car insurance remain affordable for longer?

Seven tips to spruce up your car and home for summer

Should you consider seasonal changes when maintaining your car and home? It can actually have an impact...

Two ways to maximise your car insurance

So, your car is in for repairs but it's going to take longer than you expected or perhaps an accident caused significant enough damage that you don't feel quite comfortable enough to drive it again, even after being repaired.

Five benefits of using a smartphone screen protector

Today's smartphones have become one of our most prized possessions. Much of our lives are stored on them, and they travel along with us everywhere we go.

Pay it forward with Wheel Well

Wheel Well is there for all child road safety needs and is also able to help those who cannot afford car seats for their children.

Insurance through the life stages

Chances are, what you most need from insurance cover today may be different from those around you. Why? Personal circumstances and life stages. That is why we have a tailored approach to suite your needs.

Insure Fuel Rewards Programme

Discovery Insure offers the best fuel rewards, paid as a cash back, than any other insurer in South Africa.

Shifting gear to create more savings for car insurance customers

The car insurance industry has seen its fair share of change in recent years. With more enterprises shifting their focus to digitised solutions for the benefit of themselves and consumers alike, this is a sector that has needed to become more adaptable.

Top tips for insuring a happy holiday

As the festive season approaches, it's a good idea to make sure that you have sufficient insurance cover for your vehicle and home beforehand.

The benefits of colouring your world purple

Colour your world purple with our exclusive insurance plan gives you unique insurance cover with the most enhanced benefit limits, unique benefits and rewards.

Is your car holiday ready?

If you're planning to hit the road with family or friends this holiday season, ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive, no matter the distance, is of utmost importance.

Discovery Insure on doing good

"When innovative solutions have a tangible effect, we know we've struck the right chord in our effort to enhance and protect the lives of South Africans," says Discovery Insure CEO, Anton Ossip.

Remember your driving training - 9 tips to put your safety on the road first

No matter how long ago you started driving, the safety principles always apply. The basics you get taught as a new driver will always be important. Don't let bad habits form as you become more confident on the road.

Discovery Insure's roadside assistance saves Fehmida's day

As a working mother on-the-move, the last thing Fehmida Osman-Latib needed was to see the light of her car's fuel gauge flashing at her. Luckily, Discovery Insure was on hand to help get her moving again.

Distract your kids from distracting your driving with these six tips

As a parent, we're sure you already know how much your kids can distract you - be it during a serious conversation with your bestie, or while you're hastily trying to wrap up making dinner. The most dangerous of these distractions, however, is while you're driving.

Stay safe this rainy season with Bosch

As we head towards warmer days, cloudy skies, rain and hailstorms, test your wiper blades to see that they still work as they should or if you have to replace them.


High-tech child-transport collaboration saves lives

A globally-unique collaboration between Discovery and a paediatrician-initiated child safety NGO is making dramatic inroads on vehicle related trauma and mortality in the Western Cape.


Discovery Insure at Evelyn's side

Mom of two and insurance broker, Evelyn Sadler, was in a near-fatal accident when Impact Alert made sure that emergency help was dispatched to her when she needed it most.


Start earning bigger fuel rewards in 2019

Do you want to start saving money this year? If the answer is yes, you're at the right place! Start earning maximum fuel rewards, and see how much you can save in 2019.


Holiday tips to stay safe over the festive season

As the festive season approaches, many of us will be heading out onto the road and leaving our homes for vacation destinations. Make sure you, your family and your insured possession are safe during the holidays with our tips.


Getting your child's car seat just right for their age and height

We all know that a car seat is required, but with so many to choose from, how do you know which is most appropriate to use for every stage of your little one's growing years?


Discovery Insure's Impact Alert saves single mum post-accident

Having a Discovery Insure policy with Vitality Drive and a DQ tracker made all the difference for single mum Liza Doyle, when her only family car was written off in an accident.


Discovery drivers are improving SA's road stats

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with almost 90% of accidents caused by bad driving. But Discovery drivers are improving these stats, one behaviour change at a time.


Discovery aims to save South Africa's roads

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with almost 90% of accidents caused by bad driving. Discovery drivers are improving these stats, one behaviour change at a time.


Why Car Seat Safety Is Important

According to research studies, children up to 2 years of age who are placed in forward-facing car seats are more likely to be seriously injured in a crash than same age children who are in rear-facing car seats. Make sure you are using the correct car seat.


How to protect your passengers in the event of a hijacking

It's September, which means it's Child Passenger Safety month in South Africa. Unfortunately, one of the realities of caring for yourself and your passengers on the road is learning how best to respond in the event of a hijacking. Clue yourself up here.


Discovery Insure's DQ-Track instrumental in recovering car

With Discovery Insure, clients can be assured that their vehicles have an added layer of security. Discovery Insure client, Johan de Wet, discovered this when he set off for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge after months of training.


What does event-free driving look like?

South African roads are among the most dangerous in the world, with a road death toll of 22.5 per 100 000 people. The Vitality Open wants to help change that. Here's how you can get on board - and get rewarded for driving safely.


5 ways women can stay safer on the road

Discovery Insure data shows that women continue to be more cautious drivers than men are - but is that enough to keep them safe on the roads? Here are 5 tips for women to keep in mind.


She has safety in her blood

Irene van Schalkwyk's line of work helps her to appreciate the immense value in preserving life - and this motivates her to prioritise her own and other people's safety on the road. Take a leaf out of her book this Women's Month.


Business owner? Here's how road safety affects your bottom line

We've all experienced the frustration of car trouble or road accidents eating into our time and productivity. It's not just stressful, but costly too - particularly for employers. Prioritising road safety makes business sense - and makes you a conscientious leader too.


Meet Monique - one of South Africa's best drivers at only 19

This Youth Month, 19-year-old Monique Marais is proving that the best drivers aren't always what you'd expect. Find out how she treats herself for good driving behaviour every 100km!


Why kids need extra care on the roads over long weekends

Over 500 road fatalities were recorded over the Easter break, with young children particularly at risk. Here's why we need to be proactive in keeping kids safe.


What would YOU do to score rewards for good driving?

Incentives work. That's what thousands of Discovery Insure clients are proving every day by driving well to earn fun rewards. We caught up with some of them.


How to practice mindful driving

Unnecessary cases will occur because stressed drivers will identify hazards in the road less frequently and be more impulsive in changing lanes without checking whether other vehicles are too close to theirs.


The dangers of distracted driving: how to become more mindful

The opposite of being mindful is being distracted, careless and thoughtless. When this happens on the road, the results can prove fatal. Here's why it's crucial to give driving your full attention, and tips to help.


Taking safe driving to the highway

Driving on the highway can be risky business if you're not on the lookout. Make sure you know the ins and outs of staying safe on these busy roads with our handy tips.


How to shield your car from those scorching summer rays

Peeling, cracking, fading, overheating... the sun is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it's blazing down on your beloved car. Here are some pointers on how to care for your vehicle when it's feeling the heat.


Stay safe on the road - buckle up during pregnancy

During your pregnancy you keep yourself fit and healthy and prepare for when baby is born. While you are pregnant, your unborn baby needs to be safe while you are driving too.


Feelings affect how you drive? 6 tips for when emotions are high

Emotions also affect how you drive. If you're feeling particularly strained, your emotions can affect how you respond to other drivers, and lead to aggressive or risky driving behaviour.


Road skills 101: Why and how to change a tyre

Given that the only contact between you and the road when driving are the postcard-sized surfaces of your tyres, their importance can't be understated. Here's a look at how to maintain and change your tyres.


Road-tripping #3: Steer your way to South Africa's secret beaches

It's almost the December holidays and for many eager South Africans, that means beach time! If you find Camp's Bay and Ballito a little crowded for your liking, check your car is in shape and then road-trip your way to these lesser-known gems.


Put the leisure into long-distance trips by planning well

There's more to driving long distances than packing snacks and stopping at a Wimpy. Ensure you and your vehicle are up for the journey with these pointers, like how to best pack a trailer and stay alert on the roads.


Discovery Insure partners with Wheel Well to promote child car seat safety

Discovery Insure is excited to announce its partnership with child car seat expert Peggie Mars of NGO Wheel Well, to raise awareness of the critical difference an appropriate and correctly installed car seat makes in keeping a little one safe on the road.


The secret to staying safe on the road

Motor accidents are one of the leading causes of death in our country. Although you can't control other road users, you can control how you anticipate, identify and avoid hazards on the road.


Road-tripping #2: Social butterfly or lone ranger? There's a road trip for you!

What do you yearn for when you think of your next holiday? A jam-packed schedule full of fun activities, or just getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to remote, anonymous serenity? Either way - our northern neighbours have it all!


How to deal with a heart attack while driving

There's never a good time to have a heart attack. But one of the worst times is likely behind while driving. Here is what you should do if it happens to you.


Road-tripping #1: Delve into your cultural heritage

Did you know that South Africa is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all of which were declared to be of 'outstanding value to humanity'? Here's a look at four fascinating cultural sites that are well worth visiting on your next national road trip!


Spruce up your car

The new season doesn't just mean ushering in the fresh and new for yourself - help your car's health by sprucing it up for the warmer seasons.


Don't let winter put a freeze on your good driving

The forecast: A freeze is coming. Winter has descended upon us.


Protecting your child against the cold and on the roads

With the wintry chills setting in, parents of youngsters are mindful of wrapping up their little ones warmly.


Our Insure 24 agents help clients like you, Everyday

At Discovery Insure, we're passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service. Our caring Insure 24 agents are here to make sure you get the emergency help and support you need.


Stay safe with state-of-the-art technology

Get access to state of the art technology to keep you and your loved ones safe. Plus, you get rewarded for your good driving by joining Vitalitydrive.

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