Travel safely with Vitality Drive this holiday season


One thing the outbreak of COVID-19 has done is highlight, from a different perspective, just how important it is to remain mindful when it comes to safety overall.

There are very few times that human beings together experience the very same disruption in their lives, all at once. When disruptions happen, these can easily upset anyone’s rhythms and patterns, and that has certainly been the case for all of us during the course of the year.

As we officially enter the festive season, we can all benefit from using our newfound perspectives to ensure that this holiday period is as safe as it is joyous.

So, if you’ll be visiting family and friends, exploring out-of-the-way places, soaking up the summer sun on a long stretch of sandy coastline, or adding more cultural depth to your knowledge of our country by visiting treasured heritage sites, art galleries or museums, there are plenty options available to you to be able to travel safely.

Vitality Drive’s Drive Me benefits and safe travel options are there for you to make use of– ensuring that your choice of fun and relaxation can be enjoyed as safely as possible as you motor around on SA’s roads.

Make your summer holiday Uber cool

Whether your holiday plans include a family braai, a games night at your sibling’s home or grabbing a bite to eat on the beachside, this is your time to ‘switch off’ and indulge in some quality time with your loved ones.

Safely enjoy every festive moment by arranging your designated driver for extra peace-of-mind with Uber.This summer, you can make use of up to R750 in Uber rides a month by saving yourself up to 25% on the fare. This way, you can safely enjoy your summer, your way; and leave the drive ‘up to the professionals’ (so to speak).

SafeDrive throughout SA, the Avis way

If you’d rather be behind the wheel of the car, you can still safely reach your destination with the option of a rental. Why opt for a rental if you have your own vehicle, you may be thinking?

Well, perhaps your summer holiday plans involve more family-focused outdoor adventures – maybe you’re travelling to a destination with a landscape better suited to exploration in a four-wheel drive than your snazzy little Fiat 500. Perhaps you and your significant other are hanging back in the city while the rest of the family holiday’s elsewhere – do you really need that rather roomy SUV more than they do?

If you’re planning a lengthy road trip, comfort and safety features will do you well – especially if you’re holidaying together as a group of friends or as a family. Best of all, Avis’ SafeDrive rentals come with zero liability on accidents, daily rewards for driving well, and access to safety features to give you peace of mind. All you have to do is allow them to activate Avis SafeDrive when you sign the dotted line for your car rental.

Whether you’re opting to be driven around as you kick your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved break, or drive yourself and take your loved ones on a holiday to remember, you can do so by putting safety first on your holiday check-list. If you will be behind the wheel, you can even consider sharpening your driving skills with one of our driving courses, the online driver assessment or taking the EyeGym training test, this will also help increase your Vitality Drive points and status

Let this summer holiday be the safest one yet! Happy holidays!

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