Five Benefits of using a smartphone screen protector


Today's smartphones have become one of our most valued possessions. Much of our lives are stored on them, and they travel along with us everywhere we go.  

Smartphones are expensive items, so protective measures to better look after them are well worth considering. One such measure involves a screen protector - A simple solution that can save you a 'pretty penny' for any kind of major or minor accident that results in scratches, chips and cracks.  

Screen protectors today can be custom-constructed to ensure a perfect fit for specific model phones. Today the advanced design is either clear plastic or tempered glass material - so that it doesn't negatively impact the way a phone can be used.

5 additional advantages of screen protectors

1. Finger mark and dust prevention

Constant finger tapping can result in smudge marks on the screen. A lipophobic coating that is used on screen protectors can help to prevent natural skin oils from leaving such marks. This coating can also repel the gathering of dust particles on the screen.

2. UV damage protection

Screen protectors with anti-reflective properties can help to reduce exposure to ultra violet (UVB) rays by filtering reflected glare. This has the added bonus of reducing eyestrain while using your device.

3. Glare Reduction

Furthermore, glare from reflected images on a screen can also be reduced with protectors designed with a matt finish. This also helps to reduce eye strain and discomfort due to constant squinting.

4. Enhanced privacy

Protectors are useful for enhancing the display in such a way that only the user holding the device directly in front of them can view what is on the screen. The screen may appear slightly blurry and unreadable to anyone trying to read from a different angle. This gives users some degree of privacy when using their device in public.

5.Antibacterial protection

Screen protectors can also help to reduce the growth of bacteria, mould or mildew that may come into contact with a device - all of which can result in stains or even odours on the screen display.

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