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Learn how to lower your cancer risk through the right screening tests, exercise, nutrition, alcohol, sun-savvy, smoking-smarts and other lifestyle advice.

Has the pandemic kept you from your regular cancer screening checks? Now is the time to get back on track! Here's why.

When last did you have your regular cancer screening checks done? If you missed these over the past two years, or before that, now's the time to get back on track. Keeping up with them is the only way to catch cancer early on and give ourselves a chance at the best possible outcomes.

Take a hands-on approach to breast health

While regular screening can't prevent cancer, it can help pick up cancer early and when its still easier to treat.. Finding any changes early can save your life.

Screening tests every woman needs

August is Women's Month and this year's theme is women's rights. One of these rights is to have control of your own health and body. We look at some of the screening tests women need and why.

Head and Neck Cancers - are you at risk?

While the risks linked to tobacco and alcohol use are well known, many people are unaware of the link between Head and Neck cancers and Human Papillomavirus infection. How much do you know about these cancers? And, could you be at risk?


Your 10 must-know facts about Head and Neck cancers

Three very common habits could be putting you at particular risk of a group of cancers called Head and Neck cancers (HNC). Identifying them early can save you from extended bouts of treatment and severe facial disfigurement.


Three tips: Decide on proactive cancer screening tests

There's no doubt that regular, proactive cancer screening helps with early cancer detection and prevention - and that means these tests can save your life. Empower yourself with key insight into the tests you should be having.


Choose an active lifestyle to reduce your cancer risk

We all know that exercise is good for us - but do we know just how good it is? Studies clearly demonstrate the significant role of an active lifestyle in reducing your risk of developing cancer, especially when combined with other healthy choices.


9 top tips for healthy living - it's in your hands!

Cancers occur as a result of abnormal and uncontrolled growth in your body's cells. A combination of lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors can ultimately cause these cellular changes. And reducing your risk is, to a great extent, in your hands.


Manage your stress

Modern living tends to pull us away from the state of balance between stress and calm, that is required for our bodies to operate efficiently and maintain our good health. Here's how you can effectively manage your stress and reclaim your state of wellbeing.


Healthy eating to lower your cancer risk

The World Cancer Research Fund maintains that almost one third of cancers can be prevented through diet, weight management and physical activity. That means your lifestyle choices are key to lowering your cancer risk.


A woman's guide to cancer screening and prevention tests

Prevention is better than cure. This is what cancer screening tests are about. Used to identify and eliminate common cancers or precancerous conditions early on, so that more advanced cancers can be prevented, these tests can literally save your life.


How does smoking up your cancer risk?

Tobacco-use is the single-most avoidable risk factor for cancer. The good news is that your lungs start recovering as soon as you kick the habit. Yet, tobacco-related diseases kill over 44 000 South Africans and 6 million people worldwide every year.


Spot it! Get to know your skin

By regularly checking for changes in freckles and moles you can spot any signs of skin cancer early. The sooner skin cancer is detected the greater your chances of successful treatment. Do a monthly skin self-exam.


How sunlight causes skin cancer

According to the Australian Cancer Council almost all skin cancers - approximately 99% of non-melanoma skin cancers and 95% of melanomas - are caused by too much UV radiation from the sun, sun beds and sun lamps.


Common cancer myths and misconceptions

There's so much misinformation out there about cancer and cancer prevention that it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices. We've separated the facts from fiction here to assist with your risk-reducing decisions.


Sunscreen Q & A

It's pretty daunting standing in the sunscreen aisle looking at the bewildering array of options, all with different SPFs, ingredients and promises of protection. The good news is the answers are here as we've got all your sunscreen questions covered.


What you need to know about cancer risk factors

While some cancers aren't preventable, certain factors may increase your risk of developing the disease. Knowing these factors can help you to make wise lifestyle choices that boost your health and protect against illness.

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