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This month, we're celebrating mothers and the wonderfully unique moments you enjoy with your little one.

Parents often describe the moments they spend gazing at their baby’s faces as magically calming, but did you know there’s an actual physiological reason why this might be the case?

Face time synchronises mom-and-baby heart rhythms 

Israeli researchers analysed the heart rates of mothers and their 3-month old infants as they interacted with each other. They found that when the moms and babies made eye contact and focused intently on each other, their heart rhythms synchronised.

What this means is that if your child is calm and you are stressed, attentive face interaction will change both of your heart rates to become more like the other’s heart rate. This might explain how looking at your little one can help relieve your tension. In turn, if your child is distressed, simply letting them see your face can calm them down.

What's your favourite #MyMommyMoment? Share and WIN!

Every moment with your child is a precious one, and this May, we’re celebrating moms through this exciting competition! You could win a jam-packed Disney hamper for your little one.

Here's how to enter:

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Plus! Vitality members can stand a chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris to experience a summer of superheroes.

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So celebrate motherhood and get posting this May to win big with Disney!


  • Feldmen R, et al. Mother and infant coordinate heart rhythms through episodes of interaction synchrony. Infant Behavior & Development. 34; 2011: 569– 577

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