The gig economy: how to live your dream and plan your financial future


In recent years, there has been a change in how people work and the careers they follow. The gig economy has become an attractive work option. Maya Fisher-French, well-known financial consumer journalist, explores ways to navigate the new world of work in the first Discovery Smart Money podcast series.

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Host: Maya Fisher-French, Financial Consumer Journalist

Onalenna Disipi, Certified Financial Planner

“While a freelance career is attractive for its flexibility and earnings potential, freelancers should also have the appropriate financial plan in place to ensure their financial futures are protected.”

"It's been the most rewarding decision I've ever taken. I like the flexibility; I like being able to manage my own time; I like knowing that as soon as I get my work done, my time is my own, and that really motivates me to be as productive as I can be."

Ann James, Freelance Writer and Owner of Juliarts Consulting

Manage your money wisely in the new world of work

Investing for retirement or protecting your income don’t have to be difficult. Speak to your financial adviser about your goals and how you can achieve them.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, you can leave your details with us, and we’ll call you back to discuss your retirement plan and insurance needs.

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