Find your new ‘normal’: Why surviving cancer brings unique challenges


Going from life as a cancer patient to a survivor, can be challenging. Find out about Survivorship Care, and other support key to this transition phase to a ‘new normal’ and a bright future.

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Host: Sonia Booth, Author and host of Opinion Booth on

Penny Howie - recurrent breast cancer survivor

There’s a loneliness after cancer, a fear you can’t carry on. It’s a critical thing to admit, and to get help for, or to look deep within to find the strength to carry on. Every single day of my life I am reminded of the amazing gift that is life.

I have more time to delve into their unique psychological and social issues. Cancer doesn’t affect you physically only, but also influences the way you interact with friends, family, your finances and your whole emotional and mental wellbeing.

Survivorship Care GP, Dr Inge Kriel - Breast Care Centre of Excellence at Netcare Milpark Hospital

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