Palliative care means quality of life at any stage of a cancer journey


Think of palliative care as a fundamental level of support to a cancer patient and their loved ones. Contrary to popular belief that it’s associated with end-of-life care alone, this medical approach improves quality of life.

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Host: Sonia Booth, Author and host of Opinion Booth on

Dr Margie Venter, Palliative Oncologist

Palliative care can be offered alongside treatments aimed at altering the course of the disease - along with your chemotherapy and radiotherapy to ensure that, even during treatments, your quality of life remains as optimal as possible.

Palliation does not mean we’ve given up on you. Palliation is the support needed to improve quality of life and it starts from the beginning, from diagnosis throughout the continuum of care, intensifying as the disease progresses.

Dr Nosisa Matsiliza, General Practitioner who works in Palliative Medicine

Dr Sandile Mhlongo, Clinical specialist at Discovery Health.

We have to debunk the myth that palliative care is an option once there is no longer an option to continue with active treatment. It has to be quality of life support, independent of the stage of the disease.


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