As your Cancer Progresses

Palliative care is a substantially supportive element in a cancer patient's journey, ensuring attention to quality of life, every step of the way.


Discovery Health Medical Scheme's Advanced Illness Benefit

For those patients whose cancer progresses to Stage IV, and who could be facing a poor prognosis, it is important to consider available options. Palliative care cover for members with advanced cancer can make all the difference at this time.


Palliative Care explained

There is a misconception that palliative and supportive care applies only to advanced stages of cancer. In fact, this form of care should form a regular part of every cancer patient's journey - relevant to every stage of the process. Be encouraged to find out more.


Discovery Health Advanced Illness Benefit Care Coordinators

Our Care Coordinators work to ensure that people with life-threatening cancers live their last days with quality of life and dignity.


Dealing with your emotions

It's normal for every cancer patient to think about the possibility of death throughout their cancer journey. Yet, being told that your cancer is no longer treatable thrusts you into a brand new reality, which can be extremely difficult to come to terms with.


Impact on your family and how to deal with this

A diagnosis of terminal or advanced cancer will affect both you and your loved ones. Everyone will react to this differently and it's important not to shut down to ensure that your wishes and needs are well communicated to both your medical team and your family.


Palliative care for kids

Doctors in the field of child palliative care work to surround child cancer-patients and their families with a team of skilled professionals - going well beyond pain alleviation.

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