Create and build your wealth


Enhanced investment opportunities to create and build your wealth

Improve your chances of success when you create and build your wealth, by stacking the odds in your favour from day one. We offer investment plans and benefits that will grow your investment faster.

  • You can get an additional amount of up to 26% on your initial contribution to increase the value of your Discovery Endowment Plan.
  • You can reduce your fees by up to 100% through the As and When Integrator benefit on your Discovery Endowment Plan.
  • You can receive guaranteed growth and security for your investment with our Guaranteed Return Plans.
  • Get built-in protection if your funds underperform, with the Flexible Investment Plan.

Get offshore exposure

  • You can invest monthly in US dollars, with ease, through our Recurring Dollar Endowment Plan.
  • You can receive an extra 10% on your investment through the Offshore Investment Integrator
  • You can increase your fund value by up to 10% at the end of five years if the return on your investment is negative
  • You have access to the best global fund managers and immediate access to your investment with the Offshore Flexible Investment Plan.

Learning about wealth creation


First time investors

Get a basic understanding of your financial understanding, how compound interest works, how to choose the best vehicle for your retirement savings and how to catch up on your retirement if you started late.


Intermediate investors

Once you have a basic understanding of how the investment world works, you can learn how to navigate market volatility, work out investment costs, calculate your net worth and understand short- and long-term retirement strategies.


Experienced investors

This module will teach you how to increase your wealth, focusing on analysing investments, give you practical retirement tips from successful retirees and how to continue making money after you retire.

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