The Priority Series

Cost-effective in-hospital cover, chronic cover and day-to-day benefits


Here’s what you get:

Unlimited cover in any private hospital

Guaranteed full cover in hospital for specialists who we have a payment arrangement with, and up to 200% of the DHR on the Classic Plan and up to 100% of the DHR on the Essential Plan for other healthcare professionals

Full cover for chronic medicine on our formulary for all Chronic Disease List conditions when you use MedXpress or a MedXpress network pharmacy

Cover for comprehensive pre- and postnatal healthcare services for maternity and early childhood

Additional cover from the Day-to-day Extender Benefit (DEB) when your Medical Savings Account (MSA) runs out for GP consultation fees and kids casualty visits available on Classic plan

A savings account and limited Above Threshold Benefit (ATB) for your day-today healthcare needs

Cover for medical emergencies when travelling

Our two plans in the Priority Series

  Classic Essential
Hospital cover
Unlimited private hospital cover at any hospital
Upfront payment to hospitals (for a defined list of planned procedures)
Full cover with a specialist we have a payment arrangement with
Specialists we don't have a payment arrangement with are covered at a percentage of the Discovery Health Rate 200% 100%
Other healthcare professionals are covered at a percentage of the Discovery Health Rate 200% 100%
Chronic illness cover
Chronic condition: Cover for 27 Chronic Disease List conditions (once approved) according to the Prescribed Minimum benefits
Cancer cover
We cover a set amount in full over a 12-month period. Costs above this amount attract a 20% co-payment. Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions are covered in full R200 000 R200 000
Day-to-day cover
Medical Savings Account: Percentage of your contribution that goes into an MSA 25% 15%
Day-to-day Extender Benefit pays for certain day-to-day benefits after the money in your MSA has run out and before you reach your Annual Threshold (where applicable)
Limited Above Threshold Benefit: Once your claims add up to your Annual Threshold (where applicable)

This is only a summary of the key benefits. Please consult the health plan guide for more details. Discovery Health Medical Scheme Rules apply.

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