Cover for screening and prevention

You have cover for screening and prevention

Preventive screening is important to make sure that medical conditions are detected early.

As a Discovery Health Medical Scheme member, you have access to screening and prevention benefits at any one of our wellness providers that cover the following:

Screening for adults

This benefit covers certain tests at one of our wellness network providers, like blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index and HIV screening.

We also cover a mammogram every 2 years, a Pap smear once every 3 years and a PSA test (prostate screening)each year.

Assessments that unlock additional screening benefits

The MyFamilyHistory and MyBreastCancerRisk Calculator unlock additional screening benefits where clinically appropriate. Once you complete the assessments and have calculated your risk, you may have access to further screening benefits though the Screening and Prevention Benefit.

Screening for kids

This benefit covers growth assessment tests, including height, weight, head circumference and health and milestone tracking at any one of our wellness providers.

How we pay

These tests and consultations do not affect your day-to-day benefits as they are paid from the Hospital Benefit. Consultations that do not form part of PMBs will be paid from your available day-to-day benefits.

If you meet our clinical entry criteria you get access to the following additional tests:
  • Breast MRI or mammogram and once-off BRCA testing for breast screening
  • Pap smear for cervical screening
  • Seasonal flu vaccine for members 65 years or older or registered for certain chronic conditions

Important information you should know

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