The Self-payment Gap

The Self-payment Gap (SPG) only applies to the Executive, Comprehensive and Priority Plans. You are in a Self-payment Gap when you’ve used the funds in your Medical Savings Account before your expenses add up to the Annual Threshold. During this time, you will need to pay for your day-to-day expenses from your own pocket. You cannot claim these expenses back from Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Why you could find yourself in a Self-payment Gap

A Self-payment Gap happens if:

  • Your Medical Savings Account amount is smaller than your Annual Threshold.
  • You claim for over-the-counter medicine, which we don’t add up to your Annual Threshold.
  • You or your healthcare professional submits claims from last year, and we pay these claims from the available funds in your Medical Savings Account for this year. (Claims from a previous year don’t add up to your Annual Threshold.)
  • Your Medical Savings Account pays out claims at Cost.
  • You apply for a special payment from your Medical Savings Account.
  • You exceed certain yearly limits, for example dentistry and optical limits.

You can close the Self-payment Gap by paying for day-to-day claims from your own pocket until you reach the Annual Threshold. Remember that you must still send your claims to us so that we can process and add them to your Annual Threshold.

Get more information on your Self-payment Gap from us

To find out whether you’re likely to pay costs from your own pocket:

Remember to continue submitting your claims to Discovery Health Medical Scheme so that we can add them up to your Annual Threshold.