Vitality drive Active Rewards

Discovery Insure Vitality drive brings you Active Rewards - a ground-breaking system that allows clients to earn weekly rewards for driving event-free for a 100 consecutive kilometres. Active Rewards is available to all Vitality drive clients.

Drive Well

All you have to do is drive event-free for a 100 consecutive kilometres to earn your weekly reward

How we measure event-free driving

You will need to drive 100 consecutive kilometres event-free. Event-free kilometres are determined on a trip basis. This means:

  • If a trip has a harsh event or is rated a 3 Star trip, the whole trip is discarded.
  • As soon as a trip is discarded, your event-free kilometres total is reset to zero.

Weekly rewards

Once you achieve your goal, you can choose from one of these rewards on or on the Discovery app:

How to redeem your Active Reward

  • We will send you an SMS or a push notification if you have achieved 100 consecutive kilometres of event-free driving.
  • You can log onto or log onto the Discovery corporate app to redeem your reward.
  • You need to claim your reward within two weeks of receiving the SMS, or it will expire.
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