Protecting your child against the cold and on the roads


With the wintry chills setting in, parents of youngsters are mindful of wrapping up their little ones warmly. Still, one should take care when strapping in a child in the car while the child is still wearing a bulky winter jacket.

You might think you have safely buckled your child in. But if you have tightened the seatbelt around a thick jacket, in an accident the jacket would compress. This of course increases the risk of injury to your child.

So what's the solution?

Simply fasten the seatbelt around only clothes your child would wear indoors. Then the seatbelt will be tight enough.

But how to keep them warm as well as safe?

  • You can use their jacket as a blanket.
  • You could even let them put it on backwards with their arms through the sleeves.

Keep your child snug and secure on trips this winter.


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