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Already planning your next holiday or overseas trip? Whether for work or play, there is nothing more exciting than experiencing a new destination, the food and vibrant culture. Plan your trip carefully to make sure it runs smoothly from start to finish.

You may have done it numerous times. Planning your next overseas trip. So, you know about the little hitches that can get in the way and cause some frustration, either while you travel or when you get to your destination. Spending some time upfront to plan what you pack, what you will need, and deciding on the activities you want to do, can help you stay calm as you enjoy every moment. Here is a short checklist and some other pointers as a reminder for the next time you travel:

Quick travel checklist

  • Book your flights and continue to check flight details for changes. Map out important locations, like where you will stay, the closest medical facility, museums, shops and restaurants before you leave. There are great apps to help with this.  
  • Double check that you have all the necessary travel documents ready.
  • Exchange your money and let your credit card provider know that you are planning to travel.
  • Contact your cellphone service provider to make sure you can keep in touch while you travel.
  • Start packing early, get details about converters for electronics-voltage or plugs.
  • Make sure you check weather reports, immunisation, medicine and other travel warnings. There are official travel alerts available that can warn you of any serious unrest or minor upsets like transportation strikes or other demonstration, which could affect your travel time or places you visit. Knowing these things before you travel, gives you enough time to make alternative plans.
  • Add to your travel fun by learning some customs of the country and key phrases of the foreign language like “how are you?”, “how much is this?” and “thank you”. It will make communicating with locals easier. Even if you go to an English-speaking country, it is good to have some knowledge of the cultural dress and other norms.  
  • Get organised and make sure you have all the travel and emergency medical insurance you need while you are abroad. 

Does your medical scheme cover medical costs and treatment overseas?

As part of your travel plans, it is important to make sure you are comprehensively covered when you’re out of the country. Contact your medical scheme to find out about the cover you have with them while you travel. Always keep the emergency contact details close by. Some health plans, like Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s Executive Plan, even offer you access to the newest healthcare solutions or best treatment options available in other countries.

On this plan, the Global Treatment Platform offers access to medical treatment outside South Africa in three valuable ways:

  1. International Travel Benefit

In 2018, the International Travel Benefit offers US$ 1 million for each person to cover the cost of medical emergencies while travelling outside South Africa.

  1. International Second Opinion Services

Access a second opinion for life-threatening and life-changing conditions from world-leading clinical experts at the Cleveland Clinic. Subject to guidelines and a 20% co-payment.

  1. Overseas Treatment Benefit

R750 000 to cover the cost of medical treatment not available in South Africa and R300 000 to cover the cost of voluntary in-hospital medical treatment outside South Africa. Subject to guidelines and a 20% co-payment.

With extensive benefits like these your healthcare needs, regardless of your current state of health, are comprehensively catered for at any given time or place. 

There are many more travel tips you can use to make your trip hassle-free and more enjoyable. Also check whether you have access to any travel or other discounts you can use to add more value to your trip. With Vitality Purple, members get savings on international flights and a personal consultant to help with admin and advice. Be well prepared for your trip, it will give you added peace of mind to enjoy it even more. 

The most comprehensive medical cover in SA and when you travel

Find out more about the Executive Plan or get a full view of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan range.

Vitality Purple: Upgrade to exclusive services and rewards

With Vitality Purple you get all the Vitality benefits plus enhanced rewards, such as:

Up to 25% off premier bicycle brands or golf clubs

Up to 50% off at a range of luxurious spas

Up to 50% off top-of-the-range fitness devices

Exclusive access to iconic global experiences

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