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With your unwavering support since the launch of Vitality MoveToGive in 2015, we have donated over R1.5 million to various charities, organisations and causes around South Africa. Here’s how you’ve contributed to building a better society:

What is MoveToGive?

MoveToGive provides you with the opportunity to give back to society simply by getting active. By using the Discovery app, activating Vitality Active Rewards and achieving your weekly fitness goal, you can choose to donate your reward to a specific charity or cause through MovetoGive. This means that instead of selecting a coffee, smoothie or popcorn as part of your weekly Vitality Active Reward, you can choose to donate your reward to someone in need. These campaigns can run over any period of the year for up to two weeks.

How you can help

  1. Download the Discovery app
  2. Activate Vitality Active Rewards
  3. Get active and reach your weekly fitness goal
  4. Choose to donate your reward through MoveToGive

For more information about Vitality Active Rewards, visit

Get active to get others rewarded.

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