South African wealthy: it's more difficult to keep your money than ever before


In recent years, it’s become more challenging for high-net-worth individuals to preserve their wealth. Global uncertainty, wealth tax and estate duty are just some of the things they worry about. In this Discovery Smart Money podcast, Maya Fisher-French explores how high-net-worth individuals can protect and grow their money despite these factors.

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Host: Maya Fisher-French, Financial Consumer Journalist

Peter van Beek, Discovery financial adviser

“I think it’s very important for the South African wealthy to understand that keeping their money is more of a challenge now than it ever was - not only locally but globally. There's global uncertainty Then we have estate duty to worry about; death taxes. You've got rental properties - is it a good idea; is it a bad idea? If you buy property, is it a liquid asset? No – you have to dispose of it over time. So, these are real concerns.”

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