Safety tips when drawing cash


Discovery Bank clients do not have to visit an ATM to draw cash too often as there are a number of easy and safe ways to pay with our banking app. If you simply must draw cash, read our ATM safety tips.

With Discovery Bank, you can pay your beneficiaries quickly and easily, including paying them in real time. You can also make instant Health Banking co-payments without ever taking out your bank card. Your bank card can make tap-and-go payments and you can pay with Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or Samsung Pay. Soon you’ll be able to add your family members to your account and share your credit and rewards, so they don’t need cash either.

All these convenient payment features make it easier for you to manage your money safely. But sometimes, you may need to draw cash and face risks such as card-cloning, card swapping, shoulder-surfing (someone watching as you enter your PIN) or having your card data or even your physical card stolen by a device installed inside the ATM.

If you do need to draw cash, here’s how to be safe at an ATM:

  • Set a limit. Check your ATM withdrawal limit and set it at the lowest amount that you’ll draw at any time. You can update and change your limits temporarily on the app should you need to draw a different amount.
  • Choose a PIN that’s unique and not easy to guess. Don’t use your date of birth, consecutive (1234) or duplicate numbers (0000) (the Discovery Bank app protects you by not accepting the latter two formats). If you have more than one card, don’t choose the same PIN for all of them.
  • Find a safe place to transact. Many retailers offer cash-withdrawal options, and these might be safer than ATMs. If you go to an ATM, find one that isn’t isolated and is in a safe location, but also not so busy that you might get distracted.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Scout the area to check that you’re safe. If you are drawing large amounts, use your body and hand as a shield to avoid being watched.
  • Before you draw. Keep your card in hand as you approach the ATM. Always inspect an ATM before using it to see if it’s been tampered with. Check for covers over the card area and that the screen is working.
  • Focus on your goal. Don’t answer phone calls or be distracted by passers-by while you’re standing at the ATM. People may be shoulder-surfing, i.e. looking over your shoulder to get your PIN code.
  • Keep it in your head. Don’t have your PIN written on, or anywhere close to your card, in case it‘s lost or stolen.
  • Do it yourself. Don’t accept help from anyone if you have a problem with your card or PIN. Phone your bank directly if you have an issue.
  • Take your time. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully, but quickly. Complete your transaction and put your card and your cash safely away before leaving the ATM area immediately.
When something has gone wrong

If you were disturbed when drawing cash or something feels wrong, remember to:

  • Cancel the transaction immediately
  • Change your PIN
  • Use the Discovery Bank app to immediately pause your card or call the number on the back of your card.

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