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Secure a long and happy life in retirement with the wealth to enjoy it, and #LearnFromDali

Hello investors, my name is Dali

You may know me by now, I'm that kid who has a passion for learning more, particularly about investments and how they work. I mean, who doesn't want financial growth and security in the future?

I often give my family advice on the topic because I only want the best for them, even though they don't want to hear it sometimes! I'm here to help them, and you, make more grown-up decisions and change the way you think about retirement.

Want to hear something else that's cool? You can catch me on various radio stations in the next few months. In the meantime, scroll down and check out some of my cool content about money and investment.

Why Discovery investment plans have my stamp of approval

Well, I do my research (when I'm finished with my homework, of course!) and this is what I've found so far:

Discovery is the first investment provider to reward healthy investment and lifestyle behaviours with boosted investment returns!

All you need to do is invest early, invest more, live well and withdraw wisely and they'll reward you with boosts and fee discounts...now that's what I call shared-value investing!

Make more grown-up decisions about your retirement

Invest longer
Invest longer by starting earlier

My aunty Lelo is 30 years old now and has worked her way up to a senior role in a huge tech company. I want to be exactly like her when I'm a grown-up. Anyway, she received a big bonus of R300,000 at work and invested it in a lump-sum Discovery Retirement Annuity.

For investing early, they gave her an upfront boost of 20%, increasing her investment to R360,000. shjo!

If her investment grows by 8% a year, it will be worth R5.3 million when she's 65 (compared to R4.4 million without a boost). If she invests even longer and retires at 70, she gets an extra boost from them and more growth, making her investment worth R8.6 million.

Invest more
Invest more by adding more money to your investment

I told Mr Coetzee, only the best robotics teacher ever, about Lelo's saving habits and how much I look up to her. He told me that he also has a Discovery Retirement Annuity and that from his share of the prize money we won in our robotics competition, he contributed R60,000 into his investment.

I was certain he would buy that new Star Wars model kit he wanted but he said that because he invested more, Discovery gave him a boost of 20% to this extra contribution, bringing his total extra contribution to R72,000.

I mean, it makes sense. He may not have the model kit, but at least he's building his future!

Change the way you think about retirement

Live well
Live well by being healthy and withdrawing wisely

I've always wondered why my bestie Lucas' grandpa keeps staring at his watch and counting steps around the garden. At first, I thought it was for the free decaf coffees from Vida that he loves, but I learned that Dae gets up to 50% more retirement income, for life!

All he has to do is manage his health with Vitality and withdraw wisely.

I sure hope I look like that at his age!

Withdraw wisely
Withdraw wisely after you retire

I remember we had a retirement party at school last year for our chess coach Mrs Daniels. We still have weekend chess matches sometimes, and yes, of course I let her win, most times. After my research on Discovery rewards, I asked her about her Discovery Living Annuity. She told me she withdraws 3% from it each year to provide an income for herself. Her fund value is R17 million, so that is R42,500 per month, which is a comfortable amount for her.

If she also manages her health through Vitality, she can get the same boost as Dae, which means she will get R63,750 monthly instead!

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