Vitality Drive

Vitality Drive is Discovery Insure's unique driver behaviour programme that rewards you for driving well. To encourage you to become a better driver and stay safe on the roads, you get access to a range of service and reward partners.

How Vitality Drive works

You earn Vitality Drive points every month based on how well you drive. Once you have joined Vitality Drive, getting your rewards is easy. The more points you earn the greater your rewards.

Get up to R800 fuel cash back every month

Fuel cash back

Up to R800 off your bp and Shell fuel and Gautrain spend back every month for driving well.

Install your Vitality Drive Sensor at Tiger Wheel & Tyre or your nearest Discovery Drive Centre

Link your Vitality Drive card

Swipe your Vitality Drive card when filling up at bp and Shell

What Vitality Drive gives you

As a Vitality Drive client you get access to great rewards for driving well

State-of-the-art safety features

By using intelligent technology, we are able to offer our clients the very best safety features such as Impact Alert that enables us to detect when you have been in an accident and send help immediately, even if we can't get hold of you.

Find out more about our safety features

Vitality Drive 65+

If you are between the age of 65 and 80, you can get up to 50% of your premiums back every year for healthy living and good driving with Vitality Drive 65+

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Making rewards possible

With Discovery Insure, you can access a range of service and rewards partners to help you become a better driver and stay safe on the roads. Meet our partners

Rewards Partners

BP Shell

Rewards Partners

EyeGym Gautrain Tiger Wheel & Tyre MotusBosch

Driving Course Partners

BMW Motorrad BMW Driving Experience Jaguar & Land Rover Volkswagen Driving AcademyDiscovery Driving Academy

DriveMe Partners

Road Trip Scooter Angels Uber

Support Partners

Netcare 911

Car seat benefit Partners

Born FabulousToys R Us

Vitality Active Rewards

Active Rewards

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