Need some motivation to get active? Kit yourself out with the latest tech.


Keen to get active this month to celebrate Move for Health Day? Here’s how the latest tech trends and sleek Apple gadgets can keep you moving – in style.

How wearable tech can get you moving

When it comes to wearables, the sophistication of software, integration with hardware, and user-friendliness have developed at an exciting pace. Easy-to-understand fitness apps and devices now allow the most casual athletes to use and enjoy these effective exercise tools.

“The Vitality programme has helped us understand the role of technology, data and behavioural economics in health behaviour change,” Nossel says. “In order to create an environment that’s more conducive to healthier lifestyles, we need to start by understanding human behaviour a lot better. A clearer grasp of the psychology of our decision-making helps us put incentives and structures in place to improve our health-related behaviours.”

Technology is reshaping the way we behave and move

Whether your exercise goal is to measurably improve your speed or strength, hit your weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals, get more steps in or run a longer distance, devices that measure and record your steps, heart rate and other key health measurables in real time come in handy.

Increasingly, research and analysis on big data is showing how technological advances, along with artificial intelligence, can help people become more aware of the many specific factors that contribute to good health and wellness. From adequate physical activity, good nutrition, enough sleep, as well as lowered stress – the latest tech can give you a better picture of how your everyday activities and environment impact your wellbeing.

How devices help us stay healthy

“I personally use an iPhone X,” says Nossel, “which is incredibly helpful and well-designed as well. Its built-in activity tracker adds up my every step, which counts towards my weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals.

“My daily activity goals remind me of my progress and tell me whether I’m falling behind based on my usual activity during that time of the day. My iPhone X also monitors my heart rate, the distance I’ve covered, the stairs I’ve climbed, and the kilojoules I’ve burned. When it comes to staying active, all these features go a long way in helping me go the extra mile to maintain a healthy lifestyle – reminding me when I fall short and giving me reasons to reward myself for generally upward-moving trends.”

“Being aware of my typical or in-range health measures through my devices helps me pick up any anomalies and get them checked out,” he adds. “I now have my eye set on the Apple Watch Series 4 and anticipate heading to the iStore to browse for new gadgets soon.”

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