Beat the fuel increase with Discovery Insure

Bets fuel rewards programme in South Africa

Don't let the fuel prices get you down, with Discovery Insure you can get the best fuel rewards.

Fuel rewards

Get up to 50% fuel cash back with Discovery Insure

The fuel price has increased by over 7% over the last year. Despite this, we at Discovery Insure offer a solution that helps you combat the rising fuel prices while also making sure that you have comprehensive insurance.

This is because we link our fuel cash back to fuel spend, which is affected by fuel price, as well as driving behaviour  instead of the number of litres you buy. So, as the fuel price goes up and the better you drive, the higher your monthly fuel cash back.


What you can expect from the best fuel cash back programme

You can earn up to 50% of your bp and Shell fuel, and Gautrain  spend back every month for driving well. You can have your fuel rewards paid as cash or –iscovery Miles into your account or each primary driver's individual account. Alternatively, you can have your fuel cash back DOUBLED and paid into your Insure Funder Account, which you can use to cover your vehicle excess in the event of a claim, lower your car insurance premium and even fund up to 100% of your new tyres, vehicle servicing or vehicle license renewal cost.

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