Technology – does it help or hinder new parents? You decide


The social sciences are increasingly reporting on how technology can get in the way of healthy family interactions. But digital tools can also be used to care for yourself and your unborn or new-born child. Here’s how to harness online tools for the better.

Over the years, technology has become and more of a two-edged sword – while advances are empowering more people across the globe with access to information, resources, and services at the click of a button, there have also been a number of unintended ill-effects.

According to a 2016 social sciences study, interruptions caused by technology devices like cell phones can decrease coordination between parents. Mothers rating more technology interference in their homes reported worse co-parenting, less relationship satisfaction, and more depressive symptoms. Another study found that new mothers often feel social isolation, and that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can making moms feel more socially disconnected, instead of less so.

But it’s not all bad. While the Internet can certainly enable unhealthy patterns and behaviours, digital tools and features can also be used to educate, organise and simplify the complex but rewarding task of parenting a young child. There are many ways apps and features can be incorporated into your lifestyle and help keep you focussed and better informed. Here’s how:

Stay ahead of the curve with My Pregnancy and My Baby

If you’ve recently found out that you’re pregnant, and suddenly you feel like there are a million things you ought to know and do, rest assured – there’s help to prepare you every step of the way. Discovery Health’s My Pregnancy programme offers you 24/7 support, advice and guidance on caring for yourself and your unborn child during pregnancy.

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New parents are understandably quick to add their new baby to their medical aid policy in order to gain access to comprehensive maternity and post-birth benefits, but you don’t have to stop at that.

By activating the My Baby programme here or on the Discovery app, you can create a profile for your baby to track their milestones, view screening appointments and vaccinations, and connect with your doctors. You’ll also find all kinds of resources to help you manage your everyday, like breastfeeding tips and personalised checklists:

So, to ensure that technology does more good than harm in your household, consider regulating how you use it during family interactions; don’t hesitate to seek help if you are feeling overwhelmed, lonely or anxious; and make use of helpful digital tools to keep you on track when it comes to your own and your baby’s health.

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme is an independent non-profit entity governed by the Medical Schemes Act, and regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes. It is administered by a separate company, Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial services provider.

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