Get even more rewards with the
Excess Funder Account


You can double your fuel rewards and have them
paid into your
Excess Funder Account.

With your good driving, you should be getting all the rewards for having Vitalitydrive. You could be getting up to 50% back in fuel rewards for filling up at BP or Shell, or for taking the Gautrain. You can also choose to double your fuel rewards and have them paid into your Excess Funder Account. You can then use this money to pay your excess if you're involved in a car accident.

For more information on the benefits of the Excess Funder Account and how it works click here.

3 things to check to make sure rewards flow your way


Make sure you've got a DQ-Track fitted to your car - and make sure it's working. The DQ-Track sends us information about your driving, which enables you to receive your rewards, and get access to our safety features too.


Make sure you've linked your Vitalitydrive card - and your Gautrain Gold card if you have one - so we can keep track of your travel spend. You can easily link your card online.


When you fill up with fuel at BP or Shell, always swipe your Vitalitydrive card.

Make sure nothing gets in the way of you receiving the rewards due to you.

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