Double the PayBack in your pocket


With the new Double PayBack Benefit you could earn additional cash rewards through your Discovery Life plan – Giving you up to 100% of your premiums back in cash

The PayBack benefit is built-in to the Discovery Life shared-value model, whereby a percentage of your life insurance premiums are paid back to you at set periods of time. That’s extra money in your pocket, simply for living a healthy lifestyle.

Life insurance that rewards you for living life to the fullest

Whether you’re flying solo and developing a successful career, raising a healthy family, or balancing both every day, being an adult comes with numerous responsibilities – One of which revolves around financial security.

A life insurance policy provides individuals with the means to create a financial security net that benefits their loved ones should they be negatively impacted by ‘unthinkable circumstances’. In the event of death, disability, or severe illness, or even loss of income, life insurance sees to it that those closest to you can continue living a productive, fruitful and healthy life.

Numerous financial obligations can thus be better taken care of. For the insured, arranging this can bring peace of mind. As an earner of a household, anything from funeral costs, education fees for children, to outstanding home loans can be covered with a life insurance policy, without becoming a financial burden for someone you love.

“The beauty of the Discovery Life’s insurance portfolio is that all the policies on offer are structured to be relevant to a person’s life – both in the immediate future and down the line,” says Discovery certified financial adviser, Claire van Wyk.

“Packed with comprehensive benefits, a policy can be adapted at any stage should your needs change – and as we all know, things do change from time to time. The Discovery Life Plans are flexible enough to accommodate changing needs and still remain comprehensive,” she adds.

“What makes the Discovery Life Plans worthwhile is that they offer policyholders more value,” says van Wyk. “We all wish to get the most out of life and lead healthy lifestyles – our policies encourage that with a rewards – based programme offering. When you live well and manage your money better, life becomes that much richer.”

Introducing the Double PayBack Benefit

Now, what if we told you such rewards could offer you a little more?

Discovery Life is ramping up the PayBack benefit, offering you the ability to earn up to 100% of your life insurance premiums back in cash when you take out a Discovery Life policy.

By simply selecting the Double PayBack option and choosing to receive your PayBack five years later when you take out your policy, you are able to double the PayBack that you receive. Earning up to 100% of your qualifying premiums. It’s truly worth the wait!

New to the PayBack benefit? Here’s how it works

Existing Discovery Life customers will already be well versed in the fantastic rewards benefits on offer. If not, this is how the PayBack Benefit works…

Once you have a comprehensive and market-leading Discovery Classic or Purple Life Plan in place, you can link it to various other Discovery products for added value. As a Discovery Health and Vitality member or Discovery Bank client, linking your products together allows you to benefit from receiving upfront premium discounts as well as the PayBack benefit.

Additional cash payouts through your policy

With Discovery's PayBack you can get substantial cash back throughout your policy term by managing your health and wellness.

1. Annual guaranteed PayBack of up to 10% back for the first 10 years of a policy

By adding the Financial Integrator to your Comprehensively Integrated Classic or Purple Life Plan, you can receive a guaranteed percentage of your premiums paid back in cash each year for the first 10 years. This benefit ensures that no matter what, your Discovery Life Plan provides you with value.

2. Five-yearly PayBack of up to 50% back

Additionally, you can get up to 50% of your premiums back every five years up to age 65, depending on the steps that you are taking to manage your health and wellness.

“PayBacks are a way to share value with our clients,” says van Wyk. “Policyholders who live healthily stand to benefit from rewards generated throughout their policy term. These types of rewards can really add value to a person’s quality of life – I see this in what I do almost every day.”

How? Well, they say ‘good things come to those who wait’ and in this instance, the reward is well worth it.

Discovery Life Limited. Registration number 1966/003901/06, is a registered long-term insurer, and an authorised financial services and registered credit provider, NCR Reg No. NCRCP3555. Product rules, terms and conditions apply.

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Discovery offers you and your family flexible personal financial protection at a cost-effective premium and we reward you for living a healthy life and managing your finances.

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