Managing your Money

You become more money-savvy by practicing financially healthy habits. Learn how here, with resources on how to budget, tackle debt, manage bank accounts and credit, and maximise on different products.


Can your choices change your banking benefits or interest rates?

In banking, interest refers to the cost of borrowing funds, as well as to the profit earned when depositing funds in a savings account. Interest rates and other banking benefits are generally determined by factors that are, to a large degree, out of our control.


The size of your income is no guarantee that you're better off

It's natural to associate high-income earners with material success and long-term financial stability - after all, if you earn a lot, surely you have plenty extra for your monthly expenses, investment and retirement savings?


Five things you can do for your financial health

Behavioural theory shows that we humans don't always make the most rational choices that serve us well in future. In uncertain times, we may also take more risks or make hasty decisions. Stop, take a moment and look these five behaviours and how you rate.


Pandemic-proof your finances

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down; not only has it created havoc for healthcare, it has also resulted in unprecedented financial hardships. The pandemic has forced us to make behavioural changes that will stand us in good stead in the years to come, especially when it comes to financial wellness.


Discovery Miles will become even more rewarding in 2020

We're excited to let you know that your banking will become even more rewarding in 2020 when we introduce new ways for you to earn and spend your Discovery Miles.


Check these 10 #BlackFriday hacks

With long queues, shortage of stock and heavy online traffic, #BlackFriday is not for the faint-hearted. But with a few savvy moves, you can make the most of both your time and money, and score some great deals in the process! Here's how.


The social side of saving

If you're on a saving mission and your friends are spending like there's no tomorrow, it can get pretty awkward. But what's more important to you - keeping up today or securing your future?


The money mindset

The worst thing you can do when it comes to your money is 'bury your head in the sand' and hope for the best. To make your money really work for you, it's vital that you take an active interest in every aspect of your finances and develop the right money mindset.


The difference between saving and investing

You might know that there's a difference between saving and investing, but do you really understand the difference, and why you need to do both for a secure financial future?


How cooking at home can protect your pocket

If you dine out often or have takeaways most nights, maybe it's time to take control of your pantry and start saving. Here are a few tips to make sure your food spending is not eating into your savings.


Why the Discovery Bank app is your safest bet

Transacting from your mobile device can be tricky, but when used on a secure connection, the Discovery Bank app has built-in safety features which maximise safe banking.


Shopping online - keep your money safe

In today's fast-paced, digital world, shopping online is not only easy, but also convenient. But how safe is your money and personal information really?


How to choose your passwords...and keep it safe

The first step in cyber security is to choose strong passwords. They protect your identity and your money, so you need to think about them carefully. Ideally, they shouldn't be written down and they need to be changed often and remembered.


Phishing, vhishing and pharming... Say what?

Cyber attacks come in so many forms and new techniques pop up all the time, it's hard to keep up. Here are some of the ways criminals try to steal your money:


Our top 10 tips on how to keep your card and money safe this December.

This holiday season, it's important to stay vigilant and safeguard your hard-earned money. It is time to unwind, but be worry-free with these tips on how to spend safely with your card this December.


How Vitality Money and boosted Vitality rewards work

In 2019, Discovery Bank - the world's first behavioural bank - will be available to the South African public. Simply put, it's a bank that will guide, motivate and reward you for getting financially healthier. Here's how.


Why South Africans need to bank healthier

Discovery Bank has done the research, and it boils down to this: If South Africans, as individuals and as a nation, want to move forward socio-economically - we desperately need to reduce our debt and foster a healthier savings culture. Here's why.


Super-fit Maema aims to maximise his Discovery benefits

From millennials to those more mature what you eat, how you exercise, and your general health status can have a large bearing on your everyday quality of life. Here are expert opinions on how to be at your best throughout the decades.


Five questions to ask your financial adviser

Choosing a financial adviser means choosing someone you can trust to understand you as an individual and help you achieve your long-term financial goals. It is helpful for you to know that financial advisers are required, by law, to meet certain minimum requirements.


How a financial adviser can help you achieve your savings goals

A financial adviser is a qualified professional with knowledge and experience of all aspects of personal finance. If you're struggling to start your savings journey and feel you need some help from a professional, a financial adviser is your go-to person.


Saving money by keeping your healthcare costs down

You've set goals and you're well on your way to being someone who saves towards reaching their financial security goals. Then suddenly, the whole family has the winter sniffles and there are healthcare costs your medical scheme doesn't cover.


Drawing up a budget to reach your savings goals

During Savings Month, we're looking at how saving money can help you become financially secure. We now know that the first step towards getting where you want to be financially is to set SMART goals. This article looks at the importance of drawing up a budget to support your goals.


Be network-savvy to avoid unexpected healthcare costs

No one likes unexpected costs and extra admin if they can help it, so it makes sense to take advantage of healthcare networks whenever you can. By tapping into network arrangements, you can cut down on unexpected co-payments. Here's how.


Vitality cash back puts Thathane family on a health high

Health and fitness is priority in the Thathane household. And, their healthy choices are not only rewarding them with energy and longevity, they're also earning significant cash back every month with Discovery Vitality.


Give the gift of good money sense this Christmas

It's Christmas time, but if the thought of gift-shopping leaves you at a loss, try some of these great ideas to make this year's gifts memorable, helpful and long-lasting.


Should we count waistlines as a monthly expense?

Discovery Vitality data shows that being obese increases healthcare costs by as much as R4 400 per person per year! Here's a look at some economic implications of obesity.

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