North or south? Which way do you stand on the issue?


When looking at houses to buy, an important point to consider is which way the house faces.

Its aspect could affect your life, so it might be to your advantage to weigh up the factors both for and against the different directions. And remember, you won't be able to turn your house around later!

Many people (and estate agents!) will gush about the positives of a north-facing house ? and garden. So what's the deal with this? North-facing properties, as well as those that face north-east, get direct sunlight through the day, even in winter when the days are short and the sun's warmth is at a premium. Living in sunny South Africa, this can mean you get a lot of sunshine, even in winter. And that can make a huge difference. For a garden behind your house, look for one that faces north, or north-west, or north-east.

If your house faces east, it will likely get sun but mainly in the morning. In winter, it won't get much warmth, and in summer those mornings can become too hot.

South-facing houses won't get much sunlight at all. Your house will probably be dark. And it could have a problem with condensation. Avoid a garden behind your house that faces south, or south-west, or south-east. It will probably not be pleasant to sit in your garden. And only few plants will grow, especially if the garden is small and could all be in the shadow of your house!

The worst option of aspect would be a house that faces west. Because the sun sets in the west, its light comes in very low. This can be intense, especially in summer.

So there you have it. All the points about all the points of the compass. You have the direction now. All the best with your house-hunting! A last tip: take a compass with when viewing houses; then even if you can't sense which direction you're facing, you can be sure with the compass's help.


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