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A healthy lifestyle and sound money management have a direct impact on the quality of our lives – something we can all better benefit from. What if you could add a little more value to your quality of life? With Discovery Life’s Bank Integrator Benefit, you can. Here’s how it works.

Life insurance is an important part of having a sound financial plan. Our Life Plans are designed to protect you at every stage of your life. They provide you with benefits that change throughout your policy term, to stay relevant to your needs. Living healthily and managing your money provides you with a wonderful opportunity to save in a way that can help to add real value to your life – both now and later.

Get the discount that offers the best of both worlds

Ups and downs, challenges and changes do happen, sometimes throwing curve balls and road blocks in our path of quality living. This is a fact of life, but we as individuals have an opportunity to put in place safety nets equipped to handle any potential fall-out.

This is where we can proactively take care of our own futures and Discovery Life has an array of products to help you achieve just that.

Discovery Life’s product offering not only offers you market-leading, comprehensive cover, it also rewards you for taking proactive steps to improve the quality of your life. One such value-added benefit on offer is the Bank Integrator.

By taking out a new life policy and activating the Bank Integrator on your Discovery Life policy, you can save as much as 15% on your qualifying premiums, and this discount is sustainable for the entire policy duration.

In addition, between 23 March 2020 and 31 August 2020, all new Discovery Life policies that include the Bank Integrator will receive the added advantage of the Bank Fee PayBack limited offer, meaning you can get up to 100% on your bank account fees for the first three years of your Discovery Life policy.

Market - leading insurance cover that rewards proactive living

When you link your Discovery Life and Discovery Bank products, you also gain access to the Vitality Fund. This gives you extra life cover for not initial premium, allowing you to create a safety net you may need at some point in life’s journey. It’s a rewarding benefit that gives you real value for proactive health and financial behaviour.

“With its roots in Vitality, by living better, banking healthier and proactively taking an interest in preserving your quality of life for the long-run, the Discovery Life Bank Integrator creates an opportunity for you to really benefit from the very best of both worlds,” says Discovery certified financial adviser, Claire van Wyk.

“With the Vitality Fund that this creates, you can earn additional life cover with no added underwriting necessary, at no initial premium. Now, that’s real value anyone can benefit from,” she adds.

How does the Discovery Life Bank Integrator work?

The Bank Integrator provides an upfront premium discount of up to 15%, access to the Vitality Fund and, between 23 March and 31 August this year, includes access to the Bank Fee PayBack limited off. The Vitality Fund consists of two, three-year periods where you can benefit from rewarding discounts.

“During the initial three years of a new policy, you receive 20% more non-accelerated life cover on top of your base life cover amount at no additional cost to you,” explains van Wyk. “In addition, you stand to save on banking fees for your accounts with Discovery Bank, with the limited offer.”

“At the end of the initial three-year period, you can elect to retain this whole-of-life cover at an affordable premium,” she adds. “During the next three-year period, a new portion of the active Vitality Fund is unlocked, giving you up to 26% extra life cover based on how well you are managing your overall physical health, mental wellbeing and money on the Vitality programme. Again, a premium becomes payable at the end of the three-year period, guaranteeing you whole-of-life cover.”

The Vitality Fund is structured to ensure that you have the opportunity to earn additional cover of up to R2 million, should all of the qualifying criteria be met.

Get the reward now that you’ll be thankful for in your later years

“Unlocking this additional cover in three-year cycles offers our customers brilliant value”, says van Wyk. “We strive to encourage you to live well and manage your money in healthier ways for the duration of our life, and when you do, we reward you with the kinds of savings benefits that make it so much simpler for you to lead a quality life. The control is actually in your own hands.”

Premium discounts apply on an ongoing basis with upfront benefits too. “This is ideal. We live in the moment, as well as strive to maintain a healthy and balanced life well into older age. Our structure mirrors this reality really well,” says van Wyk.

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