Cancer and your Finances

What is the financial cost of a cancer journey? Learn about financial and life planning required to ensure you have peace of mind at every stage of life.


Your guide to Prescribed Minimum Benefits and oncology benefits

In South Africa, all medical schemes are required to cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) without requiring co-payments or savings from members, even if treatment is out-of-hospital. Most cancers are covered under PMBs.


Understanding the costs of cancer

For anyone affected by cancer it is important to understand both the rising costs of cancer treatment and what you can do to ensure you aren’t burdened by what some experts are referring to as the ‘financial toxicity of cancer care’.


Cancer Costs: Life insurance that prepares you for any scenario

According to CANSA, more than 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. Currently, it is expected that at least one in four people in South Africa will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their life.


How big data is driving the evolution of cancer insurance

Cancer continues to be a challenge globally. What are the trends we’re seeing today, and how can insurance evolve to address cancer’s unique challenges?


Are you adequately covered for a cancer diagnosis?

A cancer diagnosis has both physical, emotional, and also financial implications. How can you be sure that you are adequately covered ahead of a cancer diagnosis? The answer lies in a combination of medical scheme cover and life insurance.


Cancer and your career

By having the right cover in place and knowing your rights as an employee, you will be well positioned to focus on your health and wellness in the event of a cancer diagnosis, while maintaining a level of financial and job security.


Why are cancer-related insurance claims important?

How do insurance companies' life and healthcare oncology claims add to the picture of cancer trends in South Africa? Directly or indirectly, cancer affects us all. And, these stats paint a fascinating and relevant picture of cancer in our society


A serious illness can be life-changing. That’s why we are here for you, every step of the way.

A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event that impacts many aspects of a person’s life. Learn more about how Discovery offers support and provides cover for treatment and unexpected expenses.


Cancer and your will: leaving a legacy, on your own terms

A cancer diagnosis usually opens the door to difficult but essential conversations that many of us don't want to have. One of these involves talking openly and honestly with loved ones about how you want your estate distributed when you are gone.


Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s Oncology Programme

From the cost of doctors, to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, everyone affected by cancer understands how significant the financial impact of cancer treatment can be. This article answers the most pertinent questions about how Discovery Health Medical Scheme provides holistic support to its members diagnosed with cancer.

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