Give yourself a round of a'paws for reaching your Vitality Active Rewards goals.


Over a million individuals in South Africa are visually impaired. In partnership with South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind (South African Guide-Dogs Association) and Vitality MoveToGive, you can now use your Vitality reward points and diamonds to help them live a life with independence and dignity.

There are over a million individuals affected by visual impairment in South Africa*. Many of these people experience a loss of independence, motivation and productivity due to a lack of resources and skills that can help them operate optimally in society.

Thankfully, the South African Guide-Dogs Association has been working hard to help the blind and partially sighted in a variety of ways, including raising guide-dogs, daily skills living for visually impaired people and providing assistive devices like canes, to people who are visually impaired, no matter how old or young, affluent or impoverished.

Vitality members with Vitality Active Rewards now have an opportunity to partner with South African Guide-Dogs Association through Vitality MoveToGive, and be part of the incredible work that’s being done by the organisation.

All you have to do is get active to achieve your Vitality exercise goal, or drive well and meet your drive goal to ensure that you get a play on the Vitality gameboard. With the reward points and diamonds you reveal on the gameboard, you can then choose to donate to this Vitality MoveToGive initiative.

These are the MoveToGive donation options available to you on the Discovery app:

  • Spend 25 Vitality reward points to help provide assistive devices like canes and money counters to enable visually impaired people to live independently
  • Spend 40 Vitality reward points to donate towards daily life skills training sessions for visually impaired children
  • Spend 100 Vitality reward points to contribute towards the training of guide-dogs to assist visually impaired people.
  • Spend 250 Vitality reward points to help build a new facility to breed guide-dogs for visually impaired people.

Not on Vitality Active Rewards? Activate it on the Discovery app so you can take part in this important cause.

View the terms and conditions for this campaign.

*StatsSA. 2014. Mid-Year Population Estimates 2014.

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