Discovery Miles – all the ways you can earn and spend your most rewarding currency


We’re enhancing the Discovery Miles programme to make it better than ever so you can take advantage of our rewards currency no matter where you are. There’s no better time than now to take your banking and shopping online.

We’re giving you so many more exciting ways to earn and spend Discovery Miles, even during this stay-at-home period. Here are all the ways you can reward yourself for your healthy choices.

Brand-new ways to earn Discovery Miles

Discovery Bank clients now get their Vitality rewards in Discovery Miles

If you are a Discovery Bank client with Vitality Money, you will now get select Vitality rewards awarded to you in Discovery Miles, from 14 April 2020.

We know that during this time you may be restricted in accessing your Vitality Health and Discovery Bank incentives, which could cause financial strain. That’s why Discovery Bank and Vitality Health are making staying healthier more affordable than ever with even further boosted rewards.

The Vitality rewards you will receive in Discovery Miles include:

  • Up to 100% back on HealthyFood items from Pick n Pay or Woolworths;
  • Up to 75% back on HealthyCare items from Clicks or Dis-Chem; and
  • Up to 50% back on HealthyGear items from Sportsmans Warehouse or Totalsports.

These promotional rates for HealthyFood and HealthyCare are part of Discovery’s response to assist clients in keeping healthy during the stay at home period.

You will also receive your Team Vitality, HealthyDining, Shoe Booster, Device Booster and Bike Booster rewards in Discovery Miles. These rewards will be awarded to you at a rate of 10 Discovery Miles per R1 earned back. You will continue to receive cash back or upfront discounts as usual for flights, Dream Destinations holidays, gym, and the Apple Watch and iPhone benefits.

The Discovery Miles for each individual Vitality reward will be added to your Discovery Miles account in line with the specific benefit’s reward date.

Get Discovery Miles for being active at home

As part of our continued drive to help our clients maintain their physical and financial health, we are happy to announce another Discovery Bank initiative to support you during this COVID-19 time.

We know it isn’t easy to work out and keep moving while you’re at home – which is why Discovery Bank clients with both Vitality Money and Vitality Health are rewarded even more for making the effort to exercise during this challenging time. For each exercise point you earn from Vitality Health, Discovery Bank will reward you with one Discovery Mile.

That means if you earn 100 Vitality exercise points this week, we’ll reward you with 100 Discovery Miles in your Discovery Miles account. All the exercise points you earn from 18 April 2020 until 29 May 2020 will be rewarded with additional Discovery Miles, starting on 30 April 2020 and every Friday thereafter.

You can see the full terms and conditions here.

Other ways to keep earning Discovery Miles

Earn Discovery Miles when you buy fuel or ride with Uber

Discovery Bank clients earn up to 20% back in Discovery Miles on their fuel spend at BP and select Shell service stations. If you’re a Discovery Insure client, you will continue getting up to 50% cash back on your fuel spend.

You’ll also get up to 20% back in Discovery Miles on Uber rides and if you’re a Discovery Insure client, you will still enjoy the upfront saving of up to 25% back on Uber rides.

Earn hundreds of Discovery Miles through Vitality Active Rewards and personalised Health Goals

Vitality Active Rewards lets you earn Discovery Miles when you achieve your weekly exercise, drive and money goals. Remember, for every goal you achieve each week, you earn 100 instant Discovery Miles, plus you earn your usual play on the gameboard for the chance to earn even more Discovery Miles.

You’ll also earn Discovery Miles for achieving your personal Health Goals, which are tailored to your health profile.

Note: We’ve made temporary changes to Vitality Active Rewards programme to help you achieve your goals a little easier while you‘re at home.

Earn Discovery Miles when you shop

You’ll continue to earn Discovery Miles when you shop with a qualifying Discovery Bank credit card for qualifying purchases in-store or online. After you pay, you’ll see the base Discovery Miles you’ve earned in your Discovery Bank app once the merchant has banked the transaction.

You can earn Discovery Miles just about anywhere, even when you participate in our special offers and exclusive campaigns. With so many new ways to earn and spend your Discovery Miles, it’s time to get healthy, drive well and spend responsibly to maximise your rewards.

New ways to spend your Discovery Miles

Donate your Discovery Miles to the Solidarity Response Fund and WE’LL MATCH IT!

At times like this, it’s important that we stand together and support each other. If you’d like to make a donation to the Solidarity Response Fund, you can now do so directly from one of your accounts on the Discovery Bank app. You can now also donate your Discovery Miles from your existing available balance.

What’s more, if you choose to donate from your Discovery Miles, Discovery Bank will match any contributions you make and donate the same amount of Discovery Miles to the Solidarity Response Fund.

Read more about donating to the Solidarity Fund from the Discovery Bank app here.

Donate your Discovery Miles with #MoveToGive… and we’ll match those too

Another way to help communities stay safe during COVID-19 is to donate your Discovery Miles through #MoveToGive Vitality Active Rewards using the Discovery app.

Spend Discovery Miles on airtime and electricity

We're excited to announce that from May 2020 Discovery Bank clients will be able to buy airtime and electricity straight from the Discovery Bank app. Vitality Money members can even get airtime and electricity by redeeming their available Discovery Miles. And because we know that everyone's budgets could do with a little help right now, we're giving clients who redeem their Discovery Miles for airtime and electricity on our banking app an exclusive limited offer of 15% off during COVID-19.

Monetise your Discovery Miles

You can choose to exchange your Discovery Miles for cash and have it transferred directly into one of your Discovery Bank accounts. And now exchanging Discovery Miles to cash is even more rewarding with our new rate where 10 Discovery Miles gives you R1.

Please view the Discovery Miles brochure for more information.

Note: The ways to earn and spend Discovery Miles mentioned above are applicable to Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money. If you still have the Discovery Card first issued before the launch of Discovery Bank, or only belong to the Vitality Health and Vitality Drive programmes, you will need to join Discovery Bank to enjoy the additional ways to earn and spend Discovery Miles. Clients with Vitality Health and/or Vitality Drive only are able to spend their Discovery Miles on Vitality Active Rewards.

Note: Discovery will match all Discovery Miles donations to the SA Solidarity Response Fund and through #MoveToGive to a cumulative value of R500 000.

How healthy is your financial behaviour?

Check how healthy your financial behaviour is with the Vitality Money status calculator. It takes a few minutes of your time to learn about your finances across the five behaviours that determine your financial health. Know how to change it and take control of your finances today – Discovery Bank can show you how.

The Vitality Money Calculator

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